NIKE: Greatness is not beyond your reach

I’m super impressed with Nike and their ability to reach pretty much everyone – out of all the brands out there, they get it. Watch this video and try to disagree with me.

They recently released this honest and brave statement and call to action under their #findyourgreatness campaign – It features a 12 year old Nathan from London OH. He’s overweight, but still getting after it and it’s down right moving and motivating.

And the thing that impresses me is how they’ve gone from serving a narrow athletic market to serving pretty much everyone: athletes, action sports, males, females, and even overweight 12 year olds.

Personally, I’d love to see Nike stick with Nathan and follow him in his journey to losing weight. Who knows, maybe they will.


What do you think?



Can we agree that there is just way to much shit out there in terms of content? You got everyone there brother and there dog creating content these days. Where is all the good stuff and how do we find it?

In my opinion it’s pretty ridiculous. You got people who have no experience other than a few writing classes trying to write about entrepreneurship, and then you got Joe Schmo writing about social media and trying to act like he’s some social media professional because he has all of his college buddies as friends on facebook. Are you kidding me?

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