An Update From The Trenches

It’s been awhile, but I’m back. Sorry for the delay – I’ve been in the trenches and spending lots of time with my family.

I’m not gonna lie, blogging has been on my list it just hasn’t risen to the top. Yeah, yeah I know how important it is, but I also have things like an amazing wife, an incredible son, and startups that need me out there hustling.

You’re probably wondering what’s happening in my world. Maybe you follow my Facebook or twitter and see my posts/tweets, and you’re wondering, what’s up with him? How is he making money? How is he keeping it all organized? I’m wondering  all the same things!!!! Oh, and it looks like he’s killing it and must be raking in the $$$$. Not really! It may look spectacular on the outside – it really is on the inside too, but it’s not because I’m making lots of money, it’s because I stay focused on what’s important and I wake up everyday knowing that I really have everything I need; a beautiful family, my health, and the opportunity to start and build things with people I care about.

Here’s what’s Important to me:

  1. Trying to be the man and husband my wife deserves
  2. Trying to be the best Dad I can be for my son
  3. Adding value to my startups: strategy, data, raising $$$, sales, customers, traction, marketing, distribution, talent, the list goes on
  4. Making good decisions based on past experiences
  5. Surrounding myself with people who challenge me to be great
  6. Leading with my strengths

Next question, how is he making money? It starts with me getting creative every month. Sometimes it comes from my startups while other times it comes from a consulting project. And other times lots of prayer. It’s tough. I have to work hard every month to find a way to pay my bills. But, I’m ok with it. Is it tough and at times do I want to give up? Yes, but then I think about my wife, my son, and my passion to win. I’m a champion and I know not to let short-term gains affect my long-term possibilities. I press on.

How do I keep it all organized? I don’t. Instead I build up people around me who can fill in my gaps so that together we win. My mindset is that together we go further faster.

How are my startups doing? Incredible! I mean they all have their challenges, but overall good traction, growth, distribution and they’re all really early still.

Here’s a little more on my startups and projects:

  1. Free Lunch Friday: This is my passion project. I carry it around daily looking for ways where we can add value and change the world. Because I understand what it means to be hungry, at FLF we are on a mission to feed the hungry startups and entrepreneurs that feed our global economy. We are starting with community – free food and beer, but come this August we will be rolling out FLFU ( Free Lunch Friday University) – basically the non-profit version of GA, but insanely focused on entrepreneurial education and content. We are very excited about this. Our plan is to pilot it in 3-4 cities and then scale it big in 2014.
  2. THINK TABLES: I’m an idea person and If I want to write it down, then I want to do it on the table. I co-founded this company because I wanted a whiteboard table for myself. The company is scaling sustainably – not huge, but a healthy growth rate that feels right at the moment. Nevin Groce is the CEO and is killing it. A few weeks ago he engaged 3-4 direct sales people that are currently experiementing with different sales channels. We also have some new product lines coming out soon.
  3. FundOurCommunity: You watch, this company will go public within the next 10 years. It has a solid team, the product is great, and the power it has to completely revolutionize the way we fund projects within our communities is nothing less than special!
  4. schwagon: On hold – picking up pace – had several issues to sort out.
  5. konnect: This is a new one. We got sick of wasting time at events and meeting random people who don’t add much value. We are making connections way more intelligent and using big data to do it. We just started raising money a few weeks ago. Our go-to-market will still be this year.
  6. + a few stealth ones that I can’t share at the moment.

That’s it for now – I’m just getting back at blogging. More later. Thanks for following. Let me know how I can help or add value.