Find and Connect with Influential Twitter Users in New Markets

You want to find and connect with influential twitter users in different markets or communities? Whether you are a startup or an established company, here are a few tips to get you started:

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Use a tool called searches twitter for specific tags, cities, etc and returns a list of users who are the most influential, and who have the most followers. It’s a great tool especially if you’re a company trying to enter new markets and you want to reach the key influencers.

Follow Their Blog

You can’t just spam people on twitter or they will pretty much tell you to F-off. You have to follow their blog, read their stuff, and do more than just expect that they are going to open up their network to you. Remember, it’s about building relationships…and it takes time.

Many people on twitter are also bloggers. Follow their blog, comment, and interact with them. It’s also good to retweet their posts – the ones you think add value to your following and be sure to include their twitter handle in the tweet so they see you’re interested in their content.

Connect With Them On Other Networks

Not only are these users on twitter, but they’re also on networks like Linkedin, twitter, Facebook and others. Don’t think that these users just sit around tweeting all day, they are typically successful entrepreneurs, executives, or leaders in their field. Don’t be too aggressive, but nicely reach out and see if you can’t help one another out.

Answer Their Questions

Twitter and social media are about engagement. People are there to engage, start conversations and build relationships. Take some time to monitor the influential users you are targeting and see what they have to say. Try to jump in and see if you can’t make some conversation. And, be real. If you’re fake, people will call you out.

Show Appreciation

Thank people for the work that they do. Appreciate them. You would be surprised at how hard some of these people work to build and sustain their networks. If you want to connect with them, I would first research the user and learn their story: see where they came from, what they working on today, and what they’re goals and passions are. The time you take to do this will show.


What are your thoughts on Finding Influential Twitter users? 

What other tips would you suggest?



This morning, I was laying in bed thinking, praying, and talking to myself (I do this every morning before I get up) when I reached over and grabbed my iPhone – something I’ve done almost every morning lately.

After reaching over to grab my iPhone, I slid to unlock the phone and the first thing I did was click on the tweetdeck app. Why the tweetdeck app? No specific reason. I also use Hootsuite or the real twitter app too. It’s all preference really.

Now that the phone was unlocked and I was inside the app, I slid the screen over to my twitter list titled “Personal favorites”. My “Personal favorites” list is a collection of people that I feel add value to my life in some way. The list is filled with leaders, pastors, authors, speakers, game changers, visionaries, investors, and challengers. If you’re not one of these people, you’re probably not in my list. No hard feelings.

Everyone should have a twitter list that is built with people who add value to their life. If you don’t have one, create one today. It’s simple, just head over to twitter and start scanning through all the people you follow (Looking for the ones that add value to you) and start putting them into a list. If they don’t add value to you or at least have some relevance, don’t put them in your list. Lists help you stay focused, stay motivated, and get the news and information you need on a daily basis.

Something else I realized this morning while scrolling through my “personal favorites list” (while I was in bed) is that this is where I get “most” of my news and information. I don’t watch TV, I don’t listen to the radio, I often times don’t pull up my bookmarked sites, I just pull up my twitter list and get everything I need right there. Crazy how things change and evolve so fast, right?

Here’s why I love getting my news from my twitter list:

  1. It’s simple
  2. It’s all relevant and based on my interests.
  3. I created it – not the information, but the list.
  4. The articles were shared by intelligent people who I value.
  5. I could do it all from my iPhone in bed.
  6. I didn’t have to leave the app.
  7. Short and sweet


When heading into a company to talk social media, we must first ask some questions of the company itself. Often times people revert social media to the marketing department when it’s ultimately a business conversation that needs to be had.

Here are 5 necessary questions you should ask a client to deliver the best possible social media solution.

1. What does the company want to achieve from their Social Media activities?

What is the company specifically looking for? Is it to increase sales, improve customer services, save money on customer engagement, break in to new markets, find key influencers, etc?

2. What is the past and present social media activities and what were the results? 

Do they have an established online community already? Do they have a Facebook page with a significant number of likes? Do they have a loyal Twitter following? Have they actually tried out any Social Media campaigns?

3. Where are your customers? 

It’s important to know and understand first who their customers are, second, where they are, and third, why they are there in the first place. Once you know and understand where your customers are, you can develop programs that can meet with them there.

4. Are there specific social media tactics and strategies that are working or have worked for their competitors in the same industry?

It’s a great idea to spend some time researching successful campaigns or strategies that worked for other companies and then add an original idea to it for your client.

5. What resources are they willing to throw at their ongoing Social Media activities? Do they plan on taking on a Social Media Manager?

Is the company outsourcing their Social Media activities? Do they share the tasks among their existing employees? Or do they add it to the duties of their marketing department? It’s critical to know and understand how the company is handling social media now and how it plans to handle social media in the future.



What questions are you asking?



Are you a Buffer fan?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it or not, but one of my favorite, if not thee favorite Twitter tool out there is Buffer. Buffer is a very easy-to-use, beautiful service that allows you to quickly lineup several tweets at one time – then they are sent out one at a time based on a schedule you setup. Oh, and they are about to release it for Facebook too.

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Curious who’s tweeting these days and how you might be able to reach them? Or maybe why you’re not reaching them? Take a look at this well done infographic by Column Five Media and see what you can find.

Just this past month Pew Research took a survey of 2,277 twitter profiles and found that twitter adoption among U.S. Internet users has increased by leaps and bounds. I wasn’t all that amazed by this, but what I was amazed by was who’s really using twitter.

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I hope everyone had a great June and you’re preparing for an awesome 4th of July with family and friends!

In case you missed them, here are my top 10 posts for May 2011. It was a great month for me with lots of really cool things going on! I had several speaking engagements, new projects,  and my wife and I are preparing to move to Cali at the end of this month.

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This is a guest post by Sean Heyboer. He is the marketing coordinator at Score Big, a good friend, and one hell of an idea generator. You can follow him on Twitter or friend request him on Facebook. If you want to guest post on my blog, check out my contact page.

He came after me again the other day. That little creep. I was on the last half of my two mile run having already biked 5 miles as a part of my triathlon training, when he showed up. It was hot, I was sweating bullets, my legs were sore, and I felt like giving up.

Just as I began to slow down he started in on his rant. His inflection is so annoying and distinct I knew right away who it was.

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This is a guest post by Tadd Mencer. He is the owner of CubeLab Media, a fiction writer and a pretty nice guy. You can read his blog, follow him on Twitter or like him on Facebook. If you want to guest post on my blog, check out my contact page.

It’s late at night, my stomach starts grumbling. “Feed me!” it complains. I make the attempt to ignore the complaints and continue with what I’m doing. However, the nagging continues until it’s no longer a simple complaint.

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I raid the refrigerator, looking for something to fill this void and come across a staple in every man’s diet. Fish sticks.

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What do individuals need more than ever in their lives? I asked this question last month on my website and asked people to share their thoughts anonymously. I also shared it on Twitter and Facebook asking the same question. The response was overwhelming.

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It all started at a coffee shop when some friends and I were meeting for fellowship. As we sat there and talked to a few people, we became very curious as to what individuals needed in their lives more than ever. As we talked to people we heard all kinds of stories of pain, loss, suffering, brokenness, feeling lost, and heartache. We could not believe it.

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