Grab a pen and paper and go to work

Sometimes you just have to grab a pen and paper and go to work. I think we’ve become so accustomed to using tools that we have forgotten the value and efficiency of a simple pen and paper.

Simple is always better – that’s a fact.

The best approach to building an idea starts with sitting down with a trusty pen and paper or at a Think Table (Like that plug didn’t ya) and sketching out your thoughts and ideas.

A blank canvas or lots of white space provides this place to think different and generate lots of ideas quickly without any restraints. You can also explore other options and variations without any real risks – you can just throw it all out their and start to visualize something amazing.

While complex technology programs are great for putting the finishing touches on something, they’re not the quickest way to start the ideation process.

Here’s the question: Are you making things to difficult by pulling up another program when you could just be sitting down and starting to explore?

There is a simpler way. Try it. Use it. Go.



Early on in my entrepreneurial career I wanted nothing to do with partners. I think it was the negative connotation around the idea of having a partner that caused me to think this way. I remember hearing all the horror stories of people being in business with someone and the thing blew up in their face.  Not wanting things to blow up in my face, I would try to go about these ventures or opportunities on my own.

I soon learned how difficult it was to go about something alone and gave up on this whole idea. Today, I will not even get involved in a project or opportunity without having a partner or a team around me. There is just so much value in brining together a team of people who can pool their talents, resources, and share the responsibility.

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