Welcome to 2014. Don’t make your story suck.

I said that I would start writing more in 2014 so here it is.

It’s definite that you will never get this year back again. It’s 2014 and you have 365 days to spend wisely. What are you going to do with them? Will you sit around watching the next Netflix series? Updating your social media? Watching pathetic reality tv? Complaining about how you wish your situation would turn around? Or, will you scrap all that and focus on writing a good story, today?

Remember, you only have 365 days..and they will fly by.

Now it’s Dec 31 2014 and you’re reflecting on the year turning pages, looking at photos, talking with your friends and family. How is the story? Is it a page turner? Can you not put it down? It’s your story to live. How will you live it? Consider this, would you rather look back and know that you created some of the best stories of your life or sit around and Netflix binge or obsess over your social media.

Your story is waiting to be written. Don’t make it suck.

What Entrepreneurs Learn From Failure: “F-UP, Get UP, Keep GOING”

Hey everyone. I’m fired up to share this new project with you. I recruited a stellar team and were about to kick things off.

What do you think the project is all about? You guessed it. Failure – something that I’ve done a lot of as an entrepreneur and I’m sure you have too. And let me tell you, you learn a hell of a lot more from your failures than you do your successes.

It started back when I raced motocross and I would get all busted up from crashing – if you weren’t crashing you weren’t going fast. And after you crashed, you got right back up and kept going. My dad always said, “Son, you can’t stay down long or people are going to rip past you.” The key is getting right back up and jumping back in to the race.

Sometimes it got to the point of breaking bones – about 15 for me. Then I had to stand on the sidelines, but It gave me a chance to think about what I did wrong and how far and fast I could really go. The point is I never would have learned if I didn’t push things to the point of crashing and breaking bones.

The same thing happened when I jumped into startups and entrepreneurship – I got my ass kicked, fell down, and learned the hard way.

One failure in particular happened a few years ago when I one day woke up drowning in debt and stupid decisions. I had built a company and positioned myself inside the company managing the day to day – what a mistake. I quickly learned that entrepreneurs make sucky managers.

What was supposed to be one thing quickly morphed into a battle that ended up pretty badly. I wanted to build tech products, but instead ended building a damn agency that grew too big, too fast and then the economy fell apart; that ended the battle.

What I should have done early on was hire a manager or CEO and I could have moved onto my next startups. I didn’t. Instead, I tried managing it and the thing blew up in my face.

This failure (It was kind of a big one) destroyed relationships; destroyed my finances and left me pretty beat up for awhile. It also forced me to file for personal and business bankruptcy, costing me some three-quarters of a million dollars. A hard lesson, but a good lesson that has made me stronger and defined me as an entrepreneur.

I learned several pretty hard lessons. I learned what I was good at, I learned what I was bad at, and I learned who and what I needed to win the game.  Most of all, I learned that you better be one tough bastard if you want to play this game.

Right now I have five start-ups that I am a part of – you can read more about all them by going here.

And this project, “F-Up, Get Up, Keep Going.” We don’t know exactly what this project will become, but we do know that if we start by sharing great stories it will turn into something pretty awesome. But we can’t do anything without your help. We need you to share your stories of failure. What you learned from the path of fucking up, getting up, and continuing to push forward – we know you have great stories. Send those to us in video, audio or text at danny at dannybeckettjr dot com.

Together we’ll share stories and teach other entrepreneurs how to build and run great start-ups.

Let’s do this thing.



What was your conversion like?

How has it changed your life?

Can you remember the exact moment?

Who have you told your conversion story to lately?

Photo Courtesy of: Illia-Ermine on Deviant Art

Do you realize that just your conversion story can move and change peoples lives forever? Think deeper about how your conversion changed your life. Do you remember the new found peace and joy? The new sense of breath and life? Clear as day, I remember all of these things.

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Do you like telling stories? How about listening to them?

For the rest of our lives we will either be telling or listening to stories. Stories simply help us to get a message across, help others, and to share some very engaging info.

Think about it, we all share stories in every aspect of our life, the most common being during monotonous conversations. Nobody wants to be in a boring conversation!

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Where do you store your stories? Are they in the closet, locked away? Or, are they being embraced and used to honor and Glorify God. I think to often we take our stories and throw them in the closet, lock the door, and throw away the key. We think to our selves, if we just put this in the closet, lock the door, and throw away the key, then we will never have to deal with it again. We say things like, let the past be the past. I understand why we do this, we want to forget about it. That traumatic event that totally changed our life, we want it to disappear.

The interesting thing? The key always show up. What I mean is that we never actually let go of our stories. They creep up on us out of know where. They sit in the back of our minds. They knock and knock and knock. Eventually we get so annoyed that we have to let them out. Do you think it’s God knocking. Maybe God is saying, “it’s time that you use My story to honor me, do not be afraid for I will be with you.” Have you locked away your story? Is it time that you let it out? Have you ever thought about sharing it? Remember, it’s God that has allowed you to live that story that you are locking away in the closet.

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Are you living out a great story, or are you living out someone else’s great story? Are you trying to fit into some unrealistic expectations of you? Maybe you have a desire to break away from the norm and do something mind blowing. Is today the day to begin?

Here is what I think. We came into the world with nothing, we leave the world with nothing, why not live out a great story along the way?

Everyday we wake to step out into the world filled with opportunities to live out these stories. The choice becomes ours. I say let’s fill the world with stories, because the day we stop living a great story is the day we begin to feel meaningless and lost. Maybe you are there. What do you say we get up of the couch and make something happen?

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