For several weeks now maybe months people have asked, “why California? Why do you want to move there?” These are all great questions and I’m very happy that people have asked them.

I’ve been pretty vague on my answers though. Not because I wanted to be rude (it probably came across that way) but because I didn’t want people trying to sway me from a decision that I felt God leading me. I think often times we make decisions not based on our inner voice from God, but based on the people around us. I wasn’t going to be that guy anymore. When God speaks we need to listen!

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Entrepreneurship kicks ass! Am I right? You know what I personally love about it? Lots of things really, but here are a few: the risk, the reward, the adventure, the potential, the crashes, the bruises, and the fact that you have to be pretty much insane to be one.

I’ve had my fair share of entrepreneurial ventures over the years and some went great, while others left me in the dust picking crap out of my teeth. You know what though, now looking back, some of the best ones were the ones that left me in the dust picking crap out of my teeth.

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