It’s one thing to set goals, it’s another to take action

Every year, right around this time everyone starts setting goals. Not everyone I guess, just the people who want anything out of life.

I really enjoy the process of setting goals. In fact, this is what I’m working on this week. I’m taking this years (2011) goals and giving them a good audit. What went right, what went wrong, and what can I do better this coming year.

2011 was a good year for me. Actually, it was an awesome year for me! It was a year of reflection, growth, and tapping into who God wants me to be. I spent time going in one direction, turned around and went another, and finally after years of trying different roads, I feel like I’m going in the right direction. 2012 is going to be a great year….I can feel it!!!

If you’re afraid to travel down different roads, you might not ever find the road you’re supposed to be traveling down.

With a new year just ahead, people get fired up. They want to put the past year behind them and start fresh.

Note: Whether it was a good year or a bad year, take it and build on it. Don’t let it go to waste.

People set goals for everything: 

I want to lose weight.

I want to exercise more.

I want to further my relationship and walk with God.

I want to read more.

I want to start a business.

I want to raise money for my startup.

I want to be a better parent.

I want, I want, I want.

The problem with setting goals is that you can’t just set goals, you have to take action. The difference between someone who accomplishes their goals and someone who doesn’t, is action. And not just “one time” kind of action, daily action that moves you closer to reaching your goals.

What is a goal if it is never accomplished? How about just a goal. Don’t just set goals, take action and move your goal down the field and into the end zone where it belongs.

Make 2012 a year of action. Go.



What do individuals need more than ever in their lives? I asked this question last month on my website and asked people to share their thoughts anonymously. I also shared it on Twitter and Facebook asking the same question. The response was overwhelming.

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons

It all started at a coffee shop when some friends and I were meeting for fellowship. As we sat there and talked to a few people, we became very curious as to what individuals needed in their lives more than ever. As we talked to people we heard all kinds of stories of pain, loss, suffering, brokenness, feeling lost, and heartache. We could not believe it.

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Have you ever tried to lick your way to the center of a tootsie pop? How many licks did it take you? I think I tried once and it took me some 484 licks to get to the chewy center. It felt like forever. What a journey.

Photo Courtesy of: greenxwitch on Deviant Art

I wanted to bite that stupid thing so bad, but I was committed to licking my way to the center. I was committed to the journey. Not the airplane ride, but the slow mundane car ride, right to the center.

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