Why realistic optimism?

Over the years I’ve been an overly optimistic person not always looking at the reality of the situation – it got me into trouble more than once. If you know me personally, you can probably appreciate the above statement. This has since changed (In the last year or so) and it’s treating me very well.

I was the fired up dude drinking the Kool aid not willing to face and embrace that which was real. Why? I don’t know why, really. Maybe  the thought of failure scared the shit out of me. So, instead of focusing on that, I would just focus on being optimistic and hoping and wishing for the best.

I was also raised that way. My mom is probably one of the most optimistic people you will ever meet. And, she was the one making the Kool aid!!! Haha.

Looking back, I use to say things like this, “Everything is going to be fine, we just need to keep going!”. Not taking the time to analyze the problem or challenge and build “several” plans that could be executed. This was so stupid of me to say these kind of things. Idiotic. If I would have only been more realistic with a dash of optimism. Not to drown on that though. There is a fix.

I haven’t given up on optimism, I’ve just decided to lean on the side of realistic optimism where today I say things like, “We are up against some serious challenges and here is how we propose to overcome them. We are not sure any of this will work, these are just the plans we’ve come up with thus far to address them. And, I do believe that together, as a team, as passionate warriors, (You need to be a warrior if you want to be in business today) we will meet these obstacles and challenges and find a way over them. I don’t doubt it for a second.”

This is what it looks like to express realistic optimism. Feels just as good, and, it is realistic!

Have fun and keep it real friends!



This is a guest post by Tamaryn Tobian, founder of Spectacle Creative Media in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can follow her tweets on Twitter. If you want to guest post on my blog, please, check out the guidelines here.

 In the last nine months or so, I’ve learned more things and experienced more life changes than I had pimples during puberty.  That’s what following your gut and jumping into risk with both feet does. Why so many life changes?  I started my own business – a creative communications company.

In truth, it seemed like a crazy idea. In this economy? Especially when I started to count how many other little creative agencies and studios there are in my city. There’s a lot of them. But, I did it anyway.

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A man who has always inspired me and motivated me to do great things in the world and have a positive attitude is a man and leader by the name of Rich Devos. Rich Devos is not your average man or leader. He is an extremely positive man and leader who has overcome obstacles and challenges to accomplish great things in the world. And now at 80 some years old he is still getting after it!

A few years ago he wrote a book called “Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People”. It was a very simple and inspirational book that was meant to be passed on and shared with others. If you read it, you probably found that the phrases in the book were really straightforward.

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Mental toughness has nothing to do with killer instinct, ruthless play, or talent. Instead, it has everything to do with the art and science of increasing our ability to handle all kinds of stress-physical, mental, and emotional – so that we can be more effective in our everyday lives and in our ability to lead.

Do you think you’re mentally tough? I was asked this question by one of my trainers when I use to race professionally. My initial reaction was, “Yeah I’m mentally tough, why”.

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