Do you have a mega vision? Or is your vision very micro and nothing of any worth? Might it be time to throw out your ridiculously small-minded vision and come up with a mega vision for yourself, maybe your company, our country, and our world?

Don’t settle for a small vision. Small visions don’t change the world. Small visions don’t get us or you out of challenging times. Small visions are pathetic and pathetic is something we need less of these days.

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Lately, I have been watching people and listening to stories of pretty serious unremarkableness. After a few months of this, I have begun to think about the difference between people who live, and people who are living. I wonder which one you are.

Photo Take From: Creative Commons

See, I have lived both sides of this. Looking back, there have been times that I was not living, I was just alive. Barely breathing, I would make it through the day wondering if it were ever going to change. There have also been times in my life, including today, that I am living loud and clear. What changed? Me.

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I remember being in class when my professor wrote on the whiteboard K-I-S-S. Next to it, he wrote, keep it simple stupid. Keep it simple stupid? What does that mean? I thought, “Who was he calling stupid?”

I had no idea where he was going with this. He started to explain by saying, “life is already messy, why make it more messy”? He said, ” You want the truth? We like to make things much harder than they really need to be. All the ridiculous messes and crap in our lives, guess who created it, we did”.

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Have you ever read the book “The Tortoise and the Hare”? I am pretty sure we all have right? Who always wins the race? The slow, humble, diligent tortoise, or the loud, cocky, boasting hare? If you have read the book then you know it is the tortoise. Why do you think that is?

Photo Courtesy of: vleta on Deviant Art

What do you think the writer of this fable was trying to teach us? Who was the teaching for? Was it just for the kids or the adults too? Do you think the writer was trying to communicate to both the children and the adults at the same time? Was there a simple beautiful message that if learned and applied at a very young age could change our lives forever?

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Are we only interested in this crazy Zombie obsession because we are nothing but zombies ourselves? Have we literally become walking meaningless people filled with darkness and death?

Has this translated into a zombie world where we have become the walking dead?  If you do not know what a zombie is, it’s a person held to resemble the so called walking dead.

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Where do you store your stories? Are they in the closet, locked away? Or, are they being embraced and used to honor and Glorify God. I think to often we take our stories and throw them in the closet, lock the door, and throw away the key. We think to our selves, if we just put this in the closet, lock the door, and throw away the key, then we will never have to deal with it again. We say things like, let the past be the past. I understand why we do this, we want to forget about it. That traumatic event that totally changed our life, we want it to disappear.

The interesting thing? The key always show up. What I mean is that we never actually let go of our stories. They creep up on us out of know where. They sit in the back of our minds. They knock and knock and knock. Eventually we get so annoyed that we have to let them out. Do you think it’s God knocking. Maybe God is saying, “it’s time that you use My story to honor me, do not be afraid for I will be with you.” Have you locked away your story? Is it time that you let it out? Have you ever thought about sharing it? Remember, it’s God that has allowed you to live that story that you are locking away in the closet.

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God is allowing me to create a great story. It’s through this story where I continue to find hope, peace, and redemption.  I’ve experienced and tasted all the things of this world. What did I find? I found Christ our saviour, the saviour of the world. What did I learn? I learned that it is not through worldly things that we find the things we seek, rather it’s through our faith and trust in the Lord that we find these things.

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