13 Daily Action Steps to a Better Marriage and Family

Every year I make goals and I post them up everywhere! I go as far as posting them on the top of the toilet, on the mirror anywhere I can see them. My wife thinks I am crazy, and I might be. However, what I am crazy about is growing and always striving to be a better leader, a better husband, and someday soon to be a better dad. This year I made three goals for myself, and one of the most important ones was to continue to grow my marriage and create more love and security. Here is how I am going to accomplish this goal.

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Many climb few make it to the top

I find it very interesting as to how many people I find climbing, yet few that make it to the top. Whether they are climbing to the top within their sport, leadership, business, marriage, or just life in general.

I meet people all the time; leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs or they call themselves, athletes, and just people in general. They are all trying to climb to the top. I think everyone somewhere in their heart wants to make it to the top. However, I find very few that are willing to give up to go up.

Many people will climb partway up the mountain and then stop. They come to a place where they are unwilling to give up to go up. Result? They fail to make it to the top or reach their potential.

If you are sitting there reading this and you are one of these people then you need to stop climbing halfway up the mountain and then giving up. Make the commitment now that you will give up to go up.