Are you seeking a revival? Are you asking how? Well, I can tell you this, there have been several occasions where I was seeking a revival and wondering how? And every time I found it. I’m a mess just like everyone else, a sinner saved by grace.

What an awesome thing, right? We all fall short and still have the opportunity to experience revival and the love of Christ.

Maybe your life is jacked up right now. Maybe you’re living in a broken home. Maybe your kids are getting into all kinds of trouble. Maybe your wife is ready to leave you. Maybe she doesn’t feel secure or loved. Maybe it’s come to the point where you don’t even want to come home, and you’re ready to break. I can tell you this, it’s ok. Things can turn around, and they will.

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Fear. What a interesting thing we all face. We all fear things. Some people fear heights, some people fear spiders, and some people fear pretty much everything that lives, eats, and breathes! The truth? We all fear something. Fear is to be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about something. What do you fear?

Do we really have anything to fear, if we only fear the Lord? Deuteronomy 6:13 says, Fear the LORD your God, serve him only and take your oaths in his name. What if we began to live by this verse? What if we only feared the Lord our God? What if we all agreed that it was unacceptable to fear one another? That being judged was just not ok. Everyone was accepted and I mean everyone. We cut the crap and started loving one another as Christ loved us. I think we can we agree that we should not fear each other? This is ridiculously. Think of the fear that impacts our daily lives; what people wear, what they do to their bodies, the dreams they give up on. To me this is unacceptable.

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Are you living out a great story, or are you living out someone else’s great story? Are you trying to fit into some unrealistic expectations of you? Maybe you have a desire to break away from the norm and do something mind blowing. Is today the day to begin?

Here is what I think. We came into the world with nothing, we leave the world with nothing, why not live out a great story along the way?

Everyday we wake to step out into the world filled with opportunities to live out these stories. The choice becomes ours. I say let’s fill the world with stories, because the day we stop living a great story is the day we begin to feel meaningless and lost. Maybe you are there. What do you say we get up of the couch and make something happen?

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The working title of the book I am writing is Bankrupt for Jesus. What does this title make you think? How does it make you feel? I thought what better way to get feedback and challenge my thinking, than from the community?

Here are some of my initial working thoughts. When you think of bankruptcy you probably don’t think of Jesus. You think of something terrible, a debt that can’t be repaid, a life changing experience. The definition, “The state, condition, or quality of being or becoming bankrupt.” Maybe you have been through a bankruptcy before. Maybe you know someone that has. Either way, you know what I am talking about when I say the word. Just the word makes you want to cringe. It’s like when your child says his or her first swear word in school. I hope this has never happened to you!

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A couple of years ago we were out for our Christmas dinner and we ordered oysters, clams, scallops, mussels, and I can’t even remember what else. All I can really remember after too many glasses of wine is that we had an awesome time. You know those really expensive restaurants that there is no way you can order a hamburger and a fry? This was one of those restaurants. Instead they have these really difficult menus to order from. Especially if you have never been to a fancy restaurant before.

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The act of traveling from one place to another is considered a journey. I am sure you have all been on a journey before. You know the ones that never turn out the way you had planned? You get a flat tire traveling to Florida with your family. You get the flu just before you leave for your honey moon. This is the journey I am referring to, the ones that never go as planned. However, you make the most of it to find in the end those were some of the most important days of your life.

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