Now is not the time to stop taking big risks

As we round up 2012 and move into the new year, I’d like to encourage people to not stop taking big risks. To not stop believing. We can’t shy away from all the fears and uncertainty. For the first time, we have more people than ever starting companies and some of these companies have the potential to impact billions of people lives.


This is history in the making and now is not the time to stop.

What’s so incredible about this is that we are not just talking about a better future, but we are building it.

To me, this is an enormous privilege and responsibility, and we must take it seriously.

The speed of thought and innovation is mind-blowing. The costs to start a company have never been lower and the resources out there are rich and plentiful.

We are experiencing an industrial revolution and what I hope is that everyone grabs a hold of it.

The role of us as entrepreneurs is to take the biggest, boldest risks and to look at everything from a long term perspective. It’s not about overnight success, but about cooperation and collaboration. It’s about working together to build a better world.

Come on, let’s commit to using our talents for global impact. Lets focus on the lives of our customers. Lets tend to the seeds that we’ve planted. Let’s think big and empower our nation’s creative entrepreneurs, and attempt to create companies that make a difference.

Who’s with me? Lets ring in another great year!



Have you ever played with clay before? I am sure you have, we all have. What was it like for you?

For most people, playing with clay is at first a disaster. Clay is flying all over the place, nothing is taking shape, and your patience’s are running out. Suddenly, as your hands are engulfed in clay madness, something amazing starts to take shape. What is it? No one knows, but it is awesome looking and you created it.

Photo Courtesy of: orpheus01 on Deviant Art

What started out as a disaster is now turning into something pretty awesome! How did you do it?

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Have you already given up? If you have then I am really sorry for you because this is just the beginning of something amazing.

When everything including our economy is falling apart, there is also something very cool happening. Think of revolutions, they all seem to happen when things are falling apart. What happens in the midst of it all? A new start. An even better one than before. This is what is happening right in front of you. Either embrace it or get out of the way.

Photo Courtesy of: this-is-the-life2905 on Deviant Art

No longer do we see the mass markets, instead they are being replaced by smaller more focused and micro markets. With the internet, we can now connect buyers and sellers from all over the world, more effectively and more cheaply. People are working out of their homes, smaller co-working spaces, yet creating the same if not more value and revenue than before.

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