Where you invest your time will determine your destiny

Where are you investing all your time? Might be worth taking a hard look at because where you invest all your time could just be your destiny.

Where do you invest your time

In fact, it is your destiny and you might not even know it. Time is the most valuable asset you got so you better be using it wisely and paying attention to where you spend it.

Here are a few truths to follow: 

1. Whatever it is, if you work hard at it day in and day out you will eventually be good at it. It’s just how things work. Focus, work your tail off, and good things will happen.

2. If you suck at something it’s usually not all the fun, right? I mean, that is why I quit golfing…because I suck at it. I can ride a dirtbike, but Golf, yeah I suck. Now, if I played golf often, I would eventually get good and probably start to love it. It all comes down to where you spend your time.

3. Think of something you’re good at. Do you enjoy it? Well yeah, why wouldn’t you. The key is finding something you enjoy and overtime you will become more and more passionate about it.

4. So, if you are good at something, work hard at it. Invest time. Work harder than anyone else so that you can excel and be the best that you can be.



You will never fulfill your destiny doing something you despise. Passion for what you do is truly at the core of your success and fulfillment.

Once yo find your passion it can help you in several ways. Here are a few things to think about.

1. Passion will fuel you and give you energy when others around you grow tired.

2. Passion will help you come up with answers when others cease to have creative ideas.

3. Passion will strengthen your will when others drop out.

4. Passion will give you courage to take a risk when others crave security.

5. Passion will allow you to play while others work everyday.

Always take a moment to ask yourself. Do I love what I am doing or am I just doing it just because.