What social media mistakes are you making? I’ve made a ton by the way – it’s natural to screw up, we all make mistakes.

We all know social media is an effective marketing strategy but if done incorrectly can end up damaging your business’s reputation and chances for success – you don’t want that.

After at least a couple of years now working with companies, startups, and people on their social media strategy, I’ve put together a list of common mistakes.

Here are the common mistakes that companies make:

1. No plan, plan to fail.

Everything needs to begin with some strategic planning. Take the time to mobilize a diverse team within your company to discuss goals, resources, and anything else necessary to execute. Building a plan is a great way to create a foundation for which everything else is structured.

Once your team is mobilized, here are some questions to get you started:

  1. Do we know are primary and secondary audiences?
  2. Do we have a plan for how to communicate with them?
  3. Do we understand how our social media strategy ties to our business strategy?
  4. Is our social media strategy embraced by everyone in the company?
  5. How does our social strategy tie into our marketing plan?
  6. Who is going to staff the efforts? Are they trained?
  7. How will we measure success beyond likes and followers?

2. Bad timing

Timing is always an issue. Take the time to understand where your customers are, which time zones they are in, and when your sweet spot is. Don’t mess up by assuming you know when your customers are spending time online – do your research and know for sure.

3. Have some Manners

People are horrible with manners and this applies in the social world as well. Don’t be rude, be nice and follow some simple rules.

  1. Start conversations by asking questions.
  2. Don’t follow someone on Twitter, and then unfollow them when the follow you. Only follow people you want to be connected to or you appreciate.
  3. Don’t be selfish. Promote other people as well as your own brand. For every personal social media mention you should mention another person or business five times.
  4. Put some focus to your world or you wont be adding value at all. Try to focus on four or fewer networks at a time.

4. Measure your success

Yeah, it’s hard to measure something like a conversation. However, you can measure things like total community size, the number of mentions of your brand across all channels, and the traffic referred to your website. Don’t be lazy and just track the number of likes and followers…unless you ultimately want to fail.

5. Competitive Benchmarking

It’s important to know who your competitors are, what they’re doing, and how you can one up them.

To keep an eye on your competitors you should be doing the following:

  1. Keep a close watch of their website
  2. Like their page
  3. Follow them on twitter
  4. Sign-up for Google Alerts for their brand
  5. Sign up for their newsletter
  6. Anything else you can think of

It’s just as important to see what their fans and followers are saying and use those reactions to adjust and improve your strategy.

If you have a well designed social media strategy, and avoid the above mistakes, you will be rewarded with more social media love than you can bear.

Do it right and get to it.


What about you?

What mistakes are you making?




When heading into a company to talk social media, we must first ask some questions of the company itself. Often times people revert social media to the marketing department when it’s ultimately a business conversation that needs to be had.

Here are 5 necessary questions you should ask a client to deliver the best possible social media solution.

1. What does the company want to achieve from their Social Media activities?

What is the company specifically looking for? Is it to increase sales, improve customer services, save money on customer engagement, break in to new markets, find key influencers, etc?

2. What is the past and present social media activities and what were the results? 

Do they have an established online community already? Do they have a Facebook page with a significant number of likes? Do they have a loyal Twitter following? Have they actually tried out any Social Media campaigns?

3. Where are your customers? 

It’s important to know and understand first who their customers are, second, where they are, and third, why they are there in the first place. Once you know and understand where your customers are, you can develop programs that can meet with them there.

4. Are there specific social media tactics and strategies that are working or have worked for their competitors in the same industry?

It’s a great idea to spend some time researching successful campaigns or strategies that worked for other companies and then add an original idea to it for your client.

5. What resources are they willing to throw at their ongoing Social Media activities? Do they plan on taking on a Social Media Manager?

Is the company outsourcing their Social Media activities? Do they share the tasks among their existing employees? Or do they add it to the duties of their marketing department? It’s critical to know and understand how the company is handling social media now and how it plans to handle social media in the future.



What questions are you asking?



Do you have a mega vision? Or is your vision very micro and nothing of any worth? Might it be time to throw out your ridiculously small-minded vision and come up with a mega vision for yourself, maybe your company, our country, and our world?

Don’t settle for a small vision. Small visions don’t change the world. Small visions don’t get us or you out of challenging times. Small visions are pathetic and pathetic is something we need less of these days.

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For several weeks now maybe months people have asked, “why California? Why do you want to move there?” These are all great questions and I’m very happy that people have asked them.

I’ve been pretty vague on my answers though. Not because I wanted to be rude (it probably came across that way) but because I didn’t want people trying to sway me from a decision that I felt God leading me. I think often times we make decisions not based on our inner voice from God, but based on the people around us. I wasn’t going to be that guy anymore. When God speaks we need to listen!

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Just last week I launched my new website! I am very excited about it and I can’t stop pulling out my phone or my laptop and looking at it. It’s almost like getting a new car, but in my mind better!

With all this excitement, I need to take a moment to thank a lot of people who helped me make it happen. Without each and every one of them I wouldn’t have been able to get it done. Everyone worked hard, shared ideas, gave suggestions, and collaborated to completion.

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Curious who’s tweeting these days and how you might be able to reach them? Or maybe why you’re not reaching them? Take a look at this well done infographic by Column Five Media and see what you can find.

Just this past month Pew Research took a survey of 2,277 twitter profiles and found that twitter adoption among U.S. Internet users has increased by leaps and bounds. I wasn’t all that amazed by this, but what I was amazed by was who’s really using twitter.

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This is a guest post by Sean Heyboer. He is the marketing coordinator at Score Big, a good friend, and one hell of an idea generator. You can follow him on Twitter or friend request him on Facebook. If you want to guest post on my blog, check out my contact page.

He came after me again the other day. That little creep. I was on the last half of my two mile run having already biked 5 miles as a part of my triathlon training, when he showed up. It was hot, I was sweating bullets, my legs were sore, and I felt like giving up.

Just as I began to slow down he started in on his rant. His inflection is so annoying and distinct I knew right away who it was.

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I remember growing up always thinking to myself and asking the question, “What does it take?” I am still asking this question.

I would ask and still ask:

What does it take to be a great athlete?

What does it take to be a professional athlete?

What does it take to start a business?

What does it take to be a great husband?

What does it take to be a great father?

What does it take to be a great leader. All questions with no answers.

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How many of us need to be more like Mother Teresa? Talk about a woman on a mission! She was a Catholic nun of Albanian who founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India in 1950. Ministering to the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying, she guided the Missionaries of Charity’s expansion, all throughout India and into other countries.

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons

She was as tough as nails and never turned away from doing things anyways. She said, “Feel the fear and do it anyways”.

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