NIKE: Greatness is not beyond your reach

I’m super impressed with Nike and their ability to reach pretty much everyone – out of all the brands out there, they get it. Watch this video and try to disagree with me.

They recently released this honest and brave statement and call to action under their #findyourgreatness campaign – It features a 12 year old Nathan from London OH. He’s overweight, but still getting after it and it’s down right moving and motivating.

And the thing that impresses me is how they’ve gone from serving a narrow athletic market to serving pretty much everyone: athletes, action sports, males, females, and even overweight 12 year olds.

Personally, I’d love to see Nike stick with Nathan and follow him in his journey to losing weight. Who knows, maybe they will.


What do you think?


What we can all learn from Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is the most subscribed chic on YouTube after just a couple of years. If you haven’t heard of her, go watch some of her videos. She is hilarious. Jenna has nearly 3 million people following her weekly videos and she’s built a pretty incredible brand from her bedroom.

Photo Courtesy of: akurepki2 on DeviantART

At first this sounds shocking. Then, you watch the interview and you realize why she’s so successful.

I think there are some great takeaways from this that we can all apply to our lives:

  • She say’s the shit other people think about, but their to afraid to say – they don’t want to be judged.
  • She’s as real, authentic, and transparent as it gets.
  • She doesn’t take herself to seriously.
  • She keeps things fun.
  • She makes people feel like they are a part of her journey.
  • She doesn’t care what people think about her
  • She doesn’t try to impress people
  • She makes people feel like it’s okay to be weird or awkward


What do you think about Jenna Marbles? Add your comments below.



From marketing manager to brand manager to online community manager, things are moving quickly. Over the years I’ve lived pretty much all of these positions. What I have learned more than anything today, is that people don’t want you to suck. They want you to be real and authentic.

Photo Take From: Creative Commons

For years and years, companies main goal was to “push” their products or services onto you through the form of advertising. Things have since changed, especially if you want to succeed today. The goal now, is to build passionate online communities.

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Are you walking, living, eating, and breathing your brand? Or are you crawling around complaining, whining, and criticizing others about their brands. Losers do these things. This is not how you build a brand and this is for sure not how you live out a brand. WAY

Think of the Olympic runner training to win the Olympics. Often training for years. Their commitment is stronger than anyone I have ever seen. Daily, they live, eat, and breathe their career as a runner. They are consumed with anything and everything that it takes to win. You will never find an Olympic runner sitting around complaining, whining, or criticizing others. Instead you will find them making things happen by living, eating, and breathing their careers as runners.

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