Curious who’s tweeting these days and how you might be able to reach them? Or maybe why you’re not reaching them? Take a look at this well done infographic by Column Five Media and see what you can find.

Just this past month Pew Research took a survey of 2,277 twitter profiles and found that twitter adoption among U.S. Internet users has increased by leaps and bounds. I wasn’t all that amazed by this, but what I was amazed by was who’s really using twitter.

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I hope everyone had a great June and you’re preparing for an awesome 4th of July with family and friends!

In case you missed them, here are my top 10 posts for May 2011. It was a great month for me with lots of really cool things going on! I had several speaking engagements, new projects,  and my wife and I are preparing to move to Cali at the end of this month.

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I hope everyone had a very blessed week. I know its tough out there, and things seem to be getting worse. All I can say is keep the faith, stay positive, and all will work out in time – I promise. If you’re feeling down, pick yourself up, put on a smile, and let’s try and have a awesome week!

I’m really looking forward to a week filled with greatness! Lots of interesting blogs coming up.

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Last week I decided that I would start putting together a weekly blogging plan. After struggling to execute, prioritize, and balance my life, I committed to building a plan. There were a few things I was really looking for out of this plan.

  1. I wanted better balance in my life. I felt that God, my family, and I all deserved it. I didn’t want to make blogging a priority over any of these things. It’s important to me, but not more important than God, my family, or my own well being.
  2. I wanted to make sure that all my thoughts, ideas, and everything else got executed and not lost in the thick of my journal and notes. Do you know what I’m talking about? You jot all your ideas and such down, but then it gets lost and never executed. Why do you think this happens? Is it because there isn’t planned time to go through it all? Now I have a weekly time. I go through all my notes and ideas and build them into my weekly plan. This way everything gets done or pitched.
  3. I wanted to better prioritize and plan out my weeks. Do you ever feel like your week gets the best of you, instead of you getting the best of your week. This happens to everyone, so don’t feel bad. I was not going to let this happen with my blogging. So I made it a priority and built it into my weeks.

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This week, as I was traveling and running all over the country I thought, “What would it look like if I took time every week to take my random thoughts, ideas, notes, prayers, and everything else I write down in my journal every week, and build a weekly blogging plan?” Would this help put some structure and balance into my life? Would this help when I was struggling to come up with something to write about?

I was already filling my journal with stuff all week, why not put that stuff to good use? I didn’t want to lose the realness and get to agenda like. But, I did want to make sure all the stuff I was journaling was getting applied and used. A battle went on in my head. Should I build a plan? Should I not build a plan? It went on and on for hours. Then, I thought, “Lets let the journal decide”.

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