Every year, people predict trends in social media for the upcoming year. Some people are dead on while others…let’s just say they don’t have a clue – not that I do either, really!

This year, I decided that I would take a stab at it and throw in my two cents – this is after spending about 2 hours a day for the last couple of years reading about social media.

So what do I got for you? Here are my top 7:

Collective Intelligence. Watch as more and more people realize that they are not near as smart as a large group of people on social media and they can be leveraged to solve business problems, think up innovation, and get more done…faster.

Crowdfunding. With entrepreneurship on the rise and more and more people trying to start companies and innovate, they need access to capital. You have already seen what Kickstarter‘s been able to do to fund cool projects and initiatives. Also, maybe you’ve seen the crowdsourcing platform called Quirky that lets the best product ideas rise to the top and then helps them get produced and sold while the “inventor” takes a cut. This will not stop here, brilliant people are already working on new ways to leverage the crowd and gain funding for great projects.

Social will further integrate with real world experiences. Think of Coca cola and what they did in 2010. They created an amusement park where participants could swipe their RFID wristbands at Kiosks, which then posted to their Facebook account – it said what they were doing and where. This will continue to grow with companies building fully integrated online and offline experiences that will continue to define social.

Social Influence is on the rise. Companies will continue to build reward systems for those who produce quality content and have the greatest social influence. One of the companies playing in this space is Klout and now a new company called Wahooly who allows you to invest in startup companies based around your influence. It will be cool to see all the creative ways people start to be rewarded for their social influence. For 2012, the influence will become less and less about consumer plays like Klout and more about the tools and techniques used to score digital influence and actually harness, scale and measure the results of it.

Game on baby. I’m not talking about video games, rather game-like qualities within a number of social apps that reside either in your browser or mobile device. You will see levels, leaderboards, badges (Ford is already jumping into this arena), points, rewards, and everything in between that are tied to participation and competition.

Social Media Sharing. People will continue to share everything and as people become more and more comfortable sharing, you will see them sharing everything; Ideas, opinions, media, status updates, etc. Companies and brands will further integrate sharing buttons in and around their content and the love will spread. Also, watch as social sharing is more closely aligned with e-commerce or web transactions.

TV Gets more and more social. TV is about to become more and more social in which every show will be tied to social media interaction. Watch as people will be able to tweet in, ask questions, vote, etc, making the overall TV watching experience much more engaged. Parts of this have already been integrated on a few shows like the X Factor and the Charlie Sheen Roast. Something else that is cool is a network called Get Glue. Get Glue allows people to check-in to their favorite shows, collect stickers, and tell the world what programs they care about.

This is what I have for you this morning. I’m sure there are more emerging trends that we will see – social media seems to change by the second.


What social trends do you see for 2012? Go. 



Are you a Buffer fan?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it or not, but one of my favorite, if not thee favorite Twitter tool out there is Buffer. Buffer is a very easy-to-use, beautiful service that allows you to quickly lineup several tweets at one time – then they are sent out one at a time based on a schedule you setup. Oh, and they are about to release it for Facebook too.

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Are you an innovator or just a lame excuse maker? Earlier this week, Mitch Ditoff posted an awesome blog titled ” The 100 Lame Excuses for Not Innovating”. After reading through the ENTIRE list, it made me realize how often I hear these excuses from friends, family, companies, and everyone in between.

How about this? I challenge you to take a look at the list (All the way through) and see what excuses are currently holding you back from innovating and ultimately making something happen.

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Do you have a mega vision? Or is your vision very micro and nothing of any worth? Might it be time to throw out your ridiculously small-minded vision and come up with a mega vision for yourself, maybe your company, our country, and our world?

Don’t settle for a small vision. Small visions don’t change the world. Small visions don’t get us or you out of challenging times. Small visions are pathetic and pathetic is something we need less of these days.

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How was your August 2011 and what are you looking forward to for September 2011?

My August was crazy with moving to California, launching FREELUNCHFRIDAY, pitching a few new startups, and trying to continue writing my books; one on social media and the other on business and self help. It was a super busy and overwhelming month at times and I am now thankful to say that we are settled in and it feels like Gods hand is on everything.

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Are you taking a tech holiday, because if you’re not you’re just setting yourself up for burnout.

Tweet, post, blog…..what the hell are we doing? Getting the message out right? It is important to get the message out, connect with people, have great conversation, and build your brand or brands, but when it starts to have an effect on your well-being, you better get it in check and take a holiday away from it.

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Is it not true that everyone wants to be acknowledged in this world? I mean, who doesn’t like being acknowledged? Even animals like feeling welcome around.

Think about this for a second. If you walked into a party and no one noticed, welcomed you, or even acknowledged your being, how would that make you feel? How about small, not wanted, and insecure? This is at least how I would feel.

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For several weeks now maybe months people have asked, “why California? Why do you want to move there?” These are all great questions and I’m very happy that people have asked them.

I’ve been pretty vague on my answers though. Not because I wanted to be rude (it probably came across that way) but because I didn’t want people trying to sway me from a decision that I felt God leading me. I think often times we make decisions not based on our inner voice from God, but based on the people around us. I wasn’t going to be that guy anymore. When God speaks we need to listen!

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Do your weeks ever just feel out of whack? Things keep popping up, people are asking to meet with you, and you feel like you can’t get anything done? Don’t feel bad if this is you, lots of people suffer from this. I like to call these weeks “dysfunctional weeks” – weeks where things aren’t operating as they should.

How should your weeks be operating? How about smooth, productive, and healthy? Think of it like a car, if your car is not operating as it should what do you do? You take the time to bring it into the shop to get fixed right? Now if your “week” is not operating as it should, shouldn’t you take the time to bring that into the shop to get fixed as well?

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Just last week I launched my new website! I am very excited about it and I can’t stop pulling out my phone or my laptop and looking at it. It’s almost like getting a new car, but in my mind better!

With all this excitement, I need to take a moment to thank a lot of people who helped me make it happen. Without each and every one of them I wouldn’t have been able to get it done. Everyone worked hard, shared ideas, gave suggestions, and collaborated to completion.

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