Process of making decisions

Everyday we make decisions. What is important is the process we take, in making good decisions. One of my mentors today walked me through this process.

  1. What does the bible say.
  2. What would wise council tell me.
  3. When I made similar decisions before what were the outcomes positive/negative.
  4. Is this spirit lead or my pride and ego talking.

Where is your tea cup at?

I would like to tell you a story about a man named Old Bull, and the young
boy he mentored, whom he called Young Bull.

They spent time  together each week and Young Bull would sit and listen to
the stories  Old Bull would tell him. Stories of success and stories of

Old Bull was a great man. A man of faith and a deep relationship with
God. He was a man of character and honor. A man who spent time
investing in other people so that they may learn from his mistakes and
leadership lessons.

Young Bull was just one of the young men Old Bull would spend time with each
week. His goal was that he would leave a legacy behind by serving and
mentoring others. This is a short glimpse into the time they would spend

“I was never afraid, Young bull.”

“Never afraid of what?” Young Bull would ask.

“Never afraid to take risks, accept challenges, and fight for what
I believed in. I was willing to fail, get up, brush myself off and try

“Old Bull, did it ever hurt?”

“Absolutely, it would hurt and sometimes it hurt others as well.”

“What would you do?”

“I would take responsibility for my mistakes and actions and hope that
others would forgive.”

“Did they always forgive?”

“Not always.”

“Really? Why not?”

“Well, son, some people live in a world of resentment and fear and they
would rather tear down other peoples dreams than go
build their own.”

“Why is this?”

“Great question, Young Bull. I still ask the same question today. In my
opinion it is because of an insecurity, a lack faith, and maybe they just
get more thrill out of tearing others down.”

“This is sad.”

“I agree.”

“So tell me a story, Old Bull.”

Old Bull began to speak, but paused, then said, “Man, I am tired.”

“What do you mean you are tired?

Old Bull began pouring a cup of tea for Young Bull.

“Young Bull, I started mowing lawns at age eleven, then washing cars at age
twelve, age thirteen I started a full-service landscape company in my
neighborhood. By the time I was 16 I had already started four or five
companies doing several different things. My dad always told me if I wanted
something bad enough I would always find a way to get it. This is how I got my wife.”

They laughed. Old bull continued to pour the same cup of tea.

“What happened after you turned sixteen?” Young Bull asked.

“This is when it all began, Young Bull. I dove into the business world and
never looked back. I started several companies, invested in several
companies and made my way to the top.”

“Wow, Old Bull, it sounds like you accomplished a lot.”

“You could say that, Young Bull. I guess it depends on what you call

“I’m confused.”

“I was very successful and built a great career and great wealth. However, I
look back and wonder what my life would have been like.”

“The tea is overflowing,” Young Bull said.

“Oh, sorry.”

“Are you going to stop pouring?”

“Young Bull, this is why we are here today. This little tea cup was my life.
I kept pouring my whole life with no room for anything else. One day I
realized my cup was so full that I needed to pour some out so that other
things could fit in. Do you understand? I want you to understand that you have one life and the goal is to make the most out of it. Some people’s tea cups are always flowing over and others’ tea cups are just full enough. Young Bull, I urge you to always
pay attention to where your tea cup’s at. If it is over flowing then you
need to pour some out. We do not have two tea cups. Only one. We need to
make the most out of the one tea cup we have.”

“Just one question, Old Bull. How is your tea cup doing now?”

“Well, Young Bull, I would say my tea cup is doing just fine. Yet it took me
years to learn this simple lesson.”

“Thank you, Old Bull for taking the time to teach this to me
today. I always enjoy our time together.

“I enjoy our time together as well. Have a great day, Young Bull, and I will
look  forward to meeting with you next week.”

“Thank you, Old Bull.”

The question today is how is your tea cup doing? This was a great
lesson for me when I spent time slowly pouring a tea cup and realized
just how full my tea cup was. I urge you to spend some time understanding
where your tea cup is. Is it so full that nothing else can even fit in? Is
your tea cup to full for even you family? Is your tea cup so full that it is
having an effect on the things that are most important in our life? If you
answer yes to any of these questions, then it might be a good time to pour out a little of your tea cup.

Thank you for reading.

Think it over

Are you using a journal? If not today would be a great time to start. Pick up a journal and start writing in it daily. This will not only help create more discipline in your life, but also a chance to reflect and learn from your own foot steps.

It is important to not just have a journal but to actually use it. You can make adjustments in your life when you know where you stand.