Family is first, and after that I’m all design and business. I’m a husband, father, entrepreneur, designer, geek, startup founder, advisor, bootstrapper, occasional blogger, and all around nice guy. I’ve lived all over the country including silicon valley and I’m passionate about design, data, technology, and entrepreneurship.

From my early days as a professional motorcycle rider to my current position as the founding partner and designer at Beckett Industries and the co-founder of SwagTag.

Beckett Industries is a design and innovation company. We design and make things for ourselves and sometimes for others.

We take a human-centered, design-based approach when working with our companies and the ones we choose to work with in the public and private sectors.

We identify new ways to serve and support by uncovering needs, behaviors, and desires.

We envision new companies and brands, and we design and create the products, services, spaces, interactive experiences, distribution, and marketing that make them a reality.

We help companies build creative culture along with the systems and processes required to sustain innovation and consistently launch new things.

Previous to Beckett Industries and SwagTag; 12+ years of entrepreneurial experience, founded 5+ companies, experienced failure, created more than 100+ jobs, $90 plus million in yearly revenue (Private companies), built a professional motocross team for Kawasaki & Monster Energy, founded a digital agency that grew to 25+ employees, 2 locations, 300+ clients, and have been fortunate to earn the trust and respect from hundreds of companies including some of the world’s largest – and smallest – companies. It’s rare that after all these years I can still wake up each day with a smile on our face ready to get my hands dirty.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife Sarah and my incredible Son Daniel, mountain biking, cycling, riding motocross, writing, and reading.


Over the years I’ve learned what it means to succeed and fail in life and in business. And, I have the scuffs and stories to prove it.

After getting my butt kicked in the startup world I quickly learned to stick to my strengths: competitor, activator, futuristic, constructive input, and achiever. I recommend you do the same – this took me years to learn, but once I got it right, it literally changed my life.

This post and many others can be found here on my personal blog and website where you can find and keep up to date with me.

I like to write about design, startups, entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing, leadership, and every once in a while the random things that inspire me.

Why do I care about blogging? Well, I’m here to try and add some value to the bigger picture and hope that someone reads it and gains something. I also want to share relevant content, discuss ideas, tell stories, and build community.

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I’m an entrepreneur which means I’m curious about everything and it’s pretty easy to find a common area of interest with me. Check out my website, follow me on twitter @dannybeckettjr, read my blog and learn more, and, finally, reach out – keep in mind the best way to reach me is through a connection.

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This my personal blog. These are my daily random thoughts, ideas, and opinions that I express freely. I understand that you do not have to agree with me. I appreciate and openly accept any thoughts, concerns, or recommendations. The information I provide is on an as-is basis. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.