How to pursue two ideas at once

It is incredibly hard to pursue two ideas at once. In fact, there are very few entrepreneurs that can or have pulled it off.

This is exactly what we do…and struggle with everyday here at Beckett Farms.

If this is the road you’re gonna take. And there is nothing stopping you from doing it. Here is some advice.

Everything starts with insane focus, a key driver of the idea, and no egos. You have to give to get what you want in this game. And pursuing several ideas means you have to give a lot. Don’t expect to be a majority share holder. In fact, expect to be more like the minority share holder with a role in the company to help it win. A smaller role. Not the CEO.

Be ready. It’s hard. It sucks. And very few succeed. But, it can be done.

Final words: To see something/anything through will require more work than you ever envisioned. You have to put everything you got into making it work – exact reason why it will take a team of people behind EACH idea to make it work – people that have committed everything they’ve got – not just half in.

Good Luck and let me know how it goes.