Welcome to 2014. Don’t make your story suck.

I said that I would start writing more in 2014 so here it is.

It’s definite that you will never get this year back again. It’s 2014 and you have 365 days to spend wisely. What are you going to do with them? Will you sit around watching the next Netflix series? Updating your social media? Watching pathetic reality tv? Complaining about how you wish your situation would turn around? Or, will you scrap all that and focus on writing a good story, today?

Remember, you only have 365 days..and they will fly by.

Now it’s Dec 31 2014 and you’re reflecting on the year turning pages, looking at photos, talking with your friends and family. How is the story? Is it a page turner? Can you not put it down? It’s your story to live. How will you live it? Consider this, would you rather look back and know that you created some of the best stories of your life or sit around and Netflix binge or obsess over your social media.

Your story is waiting to be written. Don’t make it suck.