Mobile is moving are you?

Whether you like it or not, the web is flatlining and mobile is blowing up – this gets me excited because I have a couple mobile startups that I’m involved with.

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What’s happening in the mobile world is that consumers are starting to use their device for everything: music, games, searching, buying, social, news, you name it, it’s being done on mobile these days and it’s only growing.

This shift from web to mobile is pretty major – one that if you aren’t paying attention to you better get on the bandwagon before you get left behind.

With this shift, it presents both opportunities and challenges. For the big dogs like Instagram, Zynga, and others it’s awesome because they have the most to gain. On the other hand, large feature rich companies like Facebook and Google have the most to lose.

Mobile is all about simplicity. People want to be able to open up an app and have it do 1,2 or maybe three things really well. If it does more than that and it starts to complicate things, people will move on.

This is the keep it simple stupid world of mobile. No reward for rich features here. Simple, small, app specific, feature light wins in the ring.

If you want an example, look at Facebook, they are already starting to break its large scale, feature rich web app into several small mobile apps – can someone say Facebook camera, messenger, etc?

The fact that people are moving to mobile is not the only challenge and shift. How about building a real business model around mobile that can monetize?

So, what works and what doesn’t?

The traditional advertising models don’t work. If you want to build media into your model make sure that it is native. Look at what twitter is doing with delivering ads within your feed/timeline.

And what does work? Commerce done right with one click purchases do work. Also, the freemium model works pretty well too. Look at models like virtual goods with Farmville, in app upgrades, and others – these are all working.

Now, if you are an entrepreneur then this is good news because it presents lots of opportunities. And if you are a big internet company, that is 5 years or older you have problems.

This is just the game we play peeps. It’s hot one day and it’s gone the next. You have to stay on top of things and keepchoppin’ wood or freeze to death out in the cold.