Family Is First

Over a year ago my wife and I packed up our shit and moved to California from the mitten state – this is Michigan for those of you who don’t know it as the mitten. I was over MI. I couldn’t get out of the state fast enough. I was sick of the weather, the startup ecosystem, the capital, it just wasn’t what I was looking for – I learned this the hard way. Not that there aren’t great people doing awesome things in MI, it just didn’t fit and jive with me personally.

While in California, I traveled, I networked, and got super plugged into all the startup communities there. I spent time in San Diego, LA, San Francisco, the Valley, and a few other smaller communities like Santa Barbara, Carlsbad, Orange County, and a few others.

I was looking for more high growth startup stuff and an environment that was conducive to this. I wanted to plug into a system of badass entrepreneurs with vision, character, and a passion to make shit happen. Oh, and they value failure as a key driver to their community.

Moving away from MI was one of the best decisions I ever made. It brought me closer to my wife and my family, I became the one of the leaders of Startup California, which is a region of Startup America, It lead me to all the startups I’m involved with, I met some incredible people, and we found out that we were having Danny Beckett the third. What more could I ask for? Honestly, nothing. I am very, very thankful.

However, after we found out that we were having little guy there was something missing. Something just didn’t feel right. Something was keeping us up all night. What was it? It was family. Family has always been and always will be first in my life – if it’s not I hope someone steps up and slaps me. I say it in my bio, family is first, and after that, I’m all startups and business.

Because family is first, my wife moved back to MI about 3-4 months ago to be with our families during and after the pregnancy. I remained in Mountain View for just a little while longer until I couldn’t handle it any longer and I wanted to be with Sarah and my family too.

Today I spend 2-3 weeks in MI with my family and 2-3 weeks traveling back and forth to Mountain View, LA, SD, CA, New York, CO, and wherever else I need to be. It’s a little crazy at times, but it works for us and we are happier than we’ve ever been.

Here is what I’ve learned. Home is the place where your family is. You will journey out, you will try new things, and you will meet kickass people from around the world, but what will never change is that place you call home.

I leave you with this; move away, try new things, take risks, meet new people, discover the undiscovered, and don’t settle for anything less than awesome. But, while you’re out and about, just remember where home and family is.


How about you? 

What’s your story?


  • Jonathan goad

    Danny, welcome home! I too packed up a wife and 3 month old baby in 1978 and headed to California chasing good surf. We woke up to the reality one day, that if we didn’t go home soon, we might never go.
    Today, I am the biggest West Michigan fan on two legs and God has richly  blessed us with parents, siblings,  kids and now grand-kids all close by.
    Like you I am all over the country earning a living but in west Michigan I am building a life!

    • Michigan is where my family is and if I’m making family first, then my actions have to reflect that.

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  • Roro

    Danny, I’m a new reader and I have to thank you for this post. My fiance and I have been together for almost 6 years and now he wants to pack up and move to California from NY. I am hesitant but I am always supportive of his dreams and decisions. He is looking for the California dream even though I have told him that dream no longer exists in Cali.

    However, your post has encouraged me to seek new adventure despite my fears of failing. We are fairly young, have no kids, and we have great jobs here. Hopefully, Cali will treat us right. I do know that NY is where my heart is and I always see myself coming back here no matter where I go next.

    • Home is where your heart is – it always will be. However, when you take time in your life to explore it changes you (In a good way) forever. Enjoy and be safe!
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