Mistakes are meant to be made

People and companies will go to great lengths to avoid mistakes. Why? This is not possible. And only if they would stop wasting their time.

Mistakes are made and they just happen…to everyone. Whether you like it or not, people are going to make mistakes. The more you try to avoid them, the more they just seem to happen. Instead of living in fear of making mistakes – or trying to create an environment where they don’t happen, live where you embrace them seeking new insights and opportunities.

The next time you make a mistake, don’t quick move on acting like no one noticed, put it out there in the open for everyone to see, talk about it, explore it, ask tough questions  – why, what, how?

Mistakes are meant to be made and not hidden.

I’ve always found that the mistakes in my life have taken me to new places where I never thought possible.

People who have achieved great things in their life were able to take what some might have called mistakes, accidents, or obstacles and turn them into golden opportunities.

Successful people take what they have and they figure it out, they overcome, and they roll with it. For them, it is not about wasting time trying to avoid, but about achieving their goal and not letting anything stand in the way of that.

Now go make mistakes and be ok with it….it happens.


What mistakes have you made?