As human beings, we are wired toward interacting (in person) and learning from one another, an easy thing to forget these days now that we have technology that can do pretty much everything we need.

Think about it, we have skype, screen share, social networking: linkedin, twitter, facebook, email, iPhone apps, facetime, virtual assistant, you name it it’s been created or it’s in the process of being created.

In spite of all great technology, things get done face to face. Technology may empower us to get more done faster, but the rubber meets the road when people get together and hash things out in person.

You can probably tell, I am a huge advocate of in person interaction regardless of how unproductive it sometimes seems to be. People can say and think what they want, but people have evolved over many, many years to be efficient at working with, arguing, and talking over ideas and pursuits with people, face to face. Without these face to face meetings would we be where we are at today? Absolutely not.

I love social networking tools and remote technology, but they are nowhere near as efficient as meeting up in person and jamming it out.

So the next time you have the opportunity to meet in person over skype or some other tool, grab your stuff and head out the door. You will be surprised with how much more you can accomplish.

Also, as a reminder add an action step to your calendar each week that says, “Talk and interact with humans in person”.


  • Nick Luchetti

    Danny – I love what you have to say! I am working on a project to assist college students overcome loneliness in this age of “connectivity” which will rely heavily on Stepen Porge’s Polyvagal Theory. You likely already know his work, but in case you don’t, it is a neurobiological theory of social engagement that provides the scientific understanding of the importance of face to face encounters…how we regulate each other with facial expresion, vocalization. gestures, listening, etc. Very interesting stuff. Here isa link to a rcent talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYXa_BX2cE8

    I found your site because I was looking for images to illustrate the idea of face-to-face for a related powerpoint – wondering where you found the image and if it is kosher to use it…I think it is perfect!

    • Yes, you can use it – I made it. Would love to hear more about what you’re working on. Where are you located? Cheers!
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