Are you confused with SEO and how to optimize your website?

Do you sit around wondering how to get your site to the top of Google?

How about being clueless with how you made it into the top 20 search results on Google but not even the top 100 on Bing?

You’re in luck, SEOmoz’s has taken the time to develop the “Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” which provides an in-depth tutorial on how search engines work and fundamental tactics and strategies for making your website search-engine friendly and optimized.

SEOmoz put the free guide together to give people insight into the magic of “being found” on search engines – something not to many people really understand. The simple, easy to read 10 chapter guide offers an intro into how search engines operate, how people interact with them and why one should optimize their website. Also, there are 4 chapters on search-engine–friendly design and keyword research and on how usability, experience and content affect both ranking and link popularity – it’s truly amazing!

The last 3 chapters give you advice on useful SEO tools and services, some myths and misconceptions about search engines and info on how to measure and track your success in optimization.

If you were wondering, and you want the truth, you don’t necessarily need to hire an agency or an SEO professional (Maybe a coach) to move you up to the top 20 search results: honestly, a couple of hours’ time, a good coach, and a little hard work will do it!


What are your tricks?