Are you a Buffer fan?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it or not, but one of my favorite, if not thee favorite Twitter tool out there is Buffer. Buffer is a very easy-to-use, beautiful service that allows you to quickly lineup several tweets at one time – then they are sent out one at a time based on a schedule you setup. Oh, and they are about to release it for Facebook too.

If you are anything like me, and you love to curate great content on twitter, Buffer can give you an awesome advantage. Instead of searching and tweeting a bunch of times daily, you can just scan your feeds, twitter, blogs, and anywhere else you like to find content and then just use Buffer to setup tweets throughout the day – it’s really that easy! What I also love about this process is it allows me to focus on conversations and engagement vs. just tweeting.

I think I’ve used buffer now for about 9 months and what I’ve found is that my clicks and retweets have increased tremendously. In fact, Buffer’s data shows that within 2 weeks of starting to use the system, users’ clicks increase by 200%, and retweets by 100%.

There are two seemingly plausible hypotheses:  

  1. People That Use Buffer Tweet More Often
  2. People That Use Buffer Tweet in Prime Times

Here’s the facts, Buffer has saved me time and I think it can save you time as well – I can’t stop recommending it.



If you’re a Buffer fan, what do you love about the tool?