When heading into a company to talk social media, we must first ask some questions of the company itself. Often times people revert social media to the marketing department when it’s ultimately a business conversation that needs to be had.

Here are 5 necessary questions you should ask a client to deliver the best possible social media solution.

1. What does the company want to achieve from their Social Media activities?

What is the company specifically looking for? Is it to increase sales, improve customer services, save money on customer engagement, break in to new markets, find key influencers, etc?

2. What is the past and present social media activities and what were the results? 

Do they have an established online community already? Do they have a Facebook page with a significant number of likes? Do they have a loyal Twitter following? Have they actually tried out any Social Media campaigns?

3. Where are your customers? 

It’s important to know and understand first who their customers are, second, where they are, and third, why they are there in the first place. Once you know and understand where your customers are, you can develop programs that can meet with them there.

4. Are there specific social media tactics and strategies that are working or have worked for their competitors in the same industry?

It’s a great idea to spend some time researching successful campaigns or strategies that worked for other companies and then add an original idea to it for your client.

5. What resources are they willing to throw at their ongoing Social Media activities? Do they plan on taking on a Social Media Manager?

Is the company outsourcing their Social Media activities? Do they share the tasks among their existing employees? Or do they add it to the duties of their marketing department? It’s critical to know and understand how the company is handling social media now and how it plans to handle social media in the future.



What questions are you asking?