We all fail in life, right? Can you honestly think of someone who hasn’t? I mean, I’ve failed, you’ve failed, we all fail, and in my mind, it’s just part of life and the crazy, interesting, journey we’re all on.

The BIG question though, that I’ve been thinking about lately is, how do we react as leaders when this happens?

Here’s the truth, I’ve been there, screwed up, and I’m here to tell you some of the things I’ve learned through the process of failing and working hard to shore things up and get back on track.

The first thing you need to do after you fail is own It. No one likes to hear the blame game or some stupid excuses. Own it, stop whining or justifying it, and stand up and take it like a man. You chose and acted poorly and now it’s time to take personal responsibility.

Fix It, make amends, and move on with things. What’s done is done and the only thing you can do is reconcile, try your best to fix things, and take steps to move forward. Do it. Swallow your pride.

Take the High Road, because it is the best and only road you should be taking. Ask yourself, “Am I taking the high road and doing the honorable thing?” We need to be stepping “above” the circumstances to see what is truly critical for restoration to take place.

Expect It and make a plan for next time. Regardless of what you screwed up or failed at, it’s likely that the opportunity for a similar situation will present itself again in your life. Take the time to setup barriers in your life to protect you from making the same choices again in the future. Also, look for someone you trust to ask you hard questions from time to time.

And finally, just know that you are human and this wont be the last time you screw up. People fail and that’s just part of the game – we win some, we lose some. You have to move past your mistakes and move forward with hope and optimism. People make mistakes. So move on already!



How do you react when you fail?