You’re out playing with the dog and you decide to throw a stick out into the water, what happens next? Immediately smiling from ear to ear, your dog leaps into the freezing cold water to dog paddle his way after it. He captures it in his mouth, swims back to shore, springs up, and bolts toward you. And as soon as he reaches you filled with excitement, he starts shaking water all over the place. You get it on your face, your clothes are drenched, and your pretty much over the stick throwing game at that point.

How often does this happen when you send your people out to a conference or a rah, rah event? Probably pretty often. Let me warn you about something very important and please beware. This is called wet dog syndrome. What is wet dog syndrome? It’s when you send your people out to these rah, rah shows, they get all wet and revved up with new found energy and enthusiasm only to come back to your organization and shake it all over everyone.

From my experience seeing both myself and others have this wet dog syndrome, I can recommend you that this is not what you want. The last thing you need are people coming back to your organization all eager to change and transform everything from the left, right, and the center.

Also, not only is it a bad thing for you and your organization, the people hate this. You will piss off everyone around you with this new-found energy and enthusiasm – more people than you ever want pissed off at one time.

Instead of coming back all revved up, changing everything, and pissing off the entire organization, pick out one area that needs to be changed and then pour all your new energy and enthusiasm into that area. Also, be sure to have patience. Even-though you got fired up and changed in one day, your organization does not work like that – change takes time.



Have you had or seen someone with wet dog syndrome before? How did it affect your organization?