I was catching up with my good friend Jimmy Petrie today (who by the way is a marketing, business development, and entrepreneurial guru) about business, opportunities, and what we both have going on. We talked for a good while which lead into a great conversation about playing within our strengths and handing off our weaknesses.

I always enjoy having this conversation (It is one of my favorites) about strengths because it is just so perfectly fitting and I wished I had learned it allot sooner in my life – at least I’m living by it now!

As we continued talking I openly shared with him that over the years, thankfully, I’ve learned what I’m good at and where, let’s just say you don’t want me working there unless you want to see stuff get busted up! Like everyone; including sports stars, celebrities, and executives, there are just areas that everyone fits in, and when there not in the right areas, nothing works right.

Just before we ended the conversation, he said something that was super sticky and I can’t seem to get it out of my head, (He always seems to do this) he said, “People don’t pay for good Danny, they pay for great!”.

How true is that?

I mean, I don’t pay for good, I look and pay for great, so why would anyone be any different? The truth is, if you want to get paid well and be happy while you’re doing it, you need to find out what your strengths are and live them by them day in and day out. And when you start to find yourself working in your weak zones, find someone to replace you right away.



Have you found your strengths?