Charlie is a charismatic, young, innovative, go getter, who for some reason just can’t get stuff to stick to the wall. He’s frustrated, confused, and just about ready to give up when…..

John, his old buddy stops by to have a beer and share a little wisdom with him. He says, “Charlie, take a seat here boy and let me tell you something that will change your life. Charlie, back in my day I use to feel the same way, I would constantly throw stuff against the wall and for years and years nothing would stick. And then, finally, after years of throwing stuff against the wall, there it was, plastered on the wall, that one thing that I had been working so hard for.”

“Charlie, now is not the time to give up – I can feel it. You must, never, and I mean never, stop throwing stuff against the wall, because it will be just then that something ground breaking and mind blowing will stick to the wall and change your life.”



Have you given up on throwing stuff against the wall?