How motivated are you? Are you motivated enough to see all your business goals or personal goals through to the bitter end?

It’s been said that all the motivation in the world means nothing without the trained  and determined mind to see something through to the bitter end. Do you agree with this? And do you have that trained and determined mind?

How about this? When someone tells you that they have a personal trainer what does this make you think? Probably, “That is awesome! It’s great that you are trying to get into shape and take care of yourself.” Now when someone tells you that they have a life coach who is helping them become mentally stronger what does this make you think?

See, immediately you probably thought, “Life coach, who needs that? Not this guy.” Well, think again, what do you think needs to be in better shape for you to succeed in business: your strong arms and your gut or your mind? The answer is that both are just as important to fertilize, water, and tend to. And if you put one in front of the other, nothing works.

Question: If the above statement is in fact true, which I think it is, then why do such a small number of leaders and executives spend time training their minds as much as they do trying to get their waste lines under control?

If you want to be the leader and successful business man or woman that you always dreamed to be, then you need to start taking care of your mind so that when your motivation is at its breaking point, your trained and determined mind can help you to see all your goals through to the bitter end.



Are you taking the time to train your mind? And if so what do you do to train your mind?