Do you have a mega vision? Or is your vision very micro and nothing of any worth? Might it be time to throw out your ridiculously small-minded vision and come up with a mega vision for yourself, maybe your company, our country, and our world?

Don’t settle for a small vision. Small visions don’t change the world. Small visions don’t get us or you out of challenging times. Small visions are pathetic and pathetic is something we need less of these days.

Let me just tell you this, there is no better time for you to sit down and come up with this mega vision than now. We need more people in today’s world with mega vision. Vision that can move us out of the place we are in and into a new world full of global opportunity, peace, love, and change that matters. And this can’t just be one person with this vision. We need thousands, millions of people to have and embrace this mega vision. And if we don’t, and everyone decides to sit and live in this crappy pathetic current state, we will end up drowning in our own blood.

Mega visions are what have gotten us this far, and it is mega visions that will get us to this new place that we all want to be. It will be leaders who stand up, cast mega vision, make it stick, and continually keep them in front of people that will drive us out of our current state of broken, beaten, and bruised.

When I say leaders, I mean true leaders too, leaders that have mega vision and can see beyond where we are today and into the place that we all want to be. What do we call this place? That is what we must find out.

For centuries and centuries it’s been the leaders with mega vision who have taken us out of things that no one thought possible and into places that we only dreamed about. Now we need more of these people to step up, step out, and step into having mega vision. Who is with me?



How about you? Do you have mega vision? Please comment below.