Two weeks ago I walked into an office for a meeting and there it was, one of the greatest signs that I have yet to see. It said, “Give a shit”. I thought to myself, this is brilliant and very fitting for where people are at today, they just don’t really care.

When I asked about the sign, one of the employees at the company said that just a few days before our meeting the president of the company printed out tons of these signs and went around sticking them everywhere in the office.

I would argue that there must have been something bigger than just internal problems with employees driving these feelings to go around and put signs up everywhere.

My perspective on this whole thing, is when looking around these days, people just don’t give a shit. I see and talk with people everyday that have just given up on everything: their health, there marriages, their business, their relationships, their families, and on the list goes.

What’s up with this? I don’t have all the answers, but maybe what you need to do is get up off your ass and make yourself a sign that says, “Give a shit” and plaster it all over your house, in your car, and at your office, and maybe, just maybe you will start to give a shit too.

Here are 9 things you should give a shit about: 

1. God: God cares about you, he created you, he loves you, and he wants to have a great relationship with you. And even when you think God doesn’t give a shit about you, he does, and he wants you to give a shit about him too.

2.  Yourself: Take care of yourself, treat your body as a beautiful temple and don’t just let it go to waste. Stop eating all that crap, take your face off from the TV, and go for a walk. No one else is going to give a shit about your body other than you. 

3. Your marriage and your wife: Be a leader and step up and take care of your marriage, Invest in it, care for it, water it, read books with your wife, tell her you love her everyday, and start giving a shit. The reason your marriage is falling apart is because of you, you’re lazy, ridiculous, and you just don’t care.

4. Children: You wonder why your kids are all jacked up is because you again don’t give a shit. You don’t care who they hang out with, you don’t spend any quality time with them, you don’t pray with them, and you set a horrible example for your kids. Why in the world, after watching you, do you expect to have good kids?

5. Family: Family for you is like fourth, fifth, or maybe even sixth on your list. Family to you is like that thing that you think about after you think about your selfish needs. Time to grow up and take care of your family. Step up to the plate, they are waiting for you.

6. Friends: Maybe you’re a loner and you just can’t figure it out. I mean, who wants to hang around someone who has a bad attitude and doesn’t care about anything. Put a smile on your face and start caring about your friends, if that is you ever want them to care back about you.

7. Career: Piss, whine, moan about how you lost your job and you can’t find another one and your life sucks so you are going to sit around and do nothing with you life and let everything fall apart. Start caring about your career and what you can do. Just last week I almost passed out because of all the amazing opportunities that are out there. Yeah, it might take a little dedication and motivation to figure it out, but you will bounce with it and do just fine.

8. Finances: You wonder why you are broke. It’s because you don’t give a shit and your definitely not being a good steward of your money. You blow your money like people blow their leaves…all over the place. Start caring and organize a time on the calendar to sit down each week with your wife and make it your goal to be a good steward of your finances.

9. Ministry: Last but not least is ministry. Yeah, you have a lot going on and your stressed out, but if you want to feel great, go give your time, serve, help out, do something other than sit there and complain about your situation. The interesting thing, you just might find that God blesses you for getting off your ass and caring about someone other than yourself.



What do you need to start giving a shit about? Be brave, you can comment and join in on the discussion below.

  • pj

    You think you know what god wants and you are full of crap.

  • shel

    Love this! Thx!