For several weeks now maybe months people have asked, “why California? Why do you want to move there?” These are all great questions and I’m very happy that people have asked them.

I’ve been pretty vague on my answers though. Not because I wanted to be rude (it probably came across that way) but because I didn’t want people trying to sway me from a decision that I felt God leading me. I think often times we make decisions not based on our inner voice from God, but based on the people around us. I wasn’t going to be that guy anymore. When God speaks we need to listen!

One thing I can tell you is that I am a family man and I will absolutely miss my family. Thankful to Skype and airplanes I will be able to see them pretty often. Actually, my Dad is already asking me, “How far is the airport?”

Being that I’m here now and pretty much settled in (other than a few things) I thought I would share my rationales for picking up all my stuff, packing it in a UHALUL, and driving all the way across the country.

Please take a minute to read through my rationales, I think after reading through them it will give you a better understanding of my wife and I’s move. Who knows it might even push you to make the jump as well – if that is what God is calling you to do.

1. My wife: Over the last 5-6 years my wife and I have been through a lot. What started out as best friends and love birds eventually lead to some very dark and gloomy days. We were frustrated, angry, and ready for something new and exciting – and we wanted back that friendship and love that we once shared. Moving to California for us was about these things and a reset for our marriage.

2. New adventures, new discoveries, new experiences: For the last few months I’ve been studying and intentionally living out this whole idea of living a life based on new adventures, new discoveries, and new experiences. It has been changing my life and giving me a new perspective and appreciation for everything and everyone around me. I’m also amazed at the connections I make with God, myself, and others while pursuing these new things.

3. Value risk taking: The past five years have been frustrating for me to be completely honest. I need to live in a place where risk taking is valued and not seen as foreign. After living in California for just a week or so, I already have more opportunities as an entrepreneur than I ever had in the past.

4. Value entrepreneurship: There is a difference between wanting to be an entrepreneur and actually going out and making it happen. Over the last 5-6 years I’ve seen a lot of people talk about entrepreneurship, new ideas, tech, and capital, but then when you turned around no one was doing anything about it other than a few rich people at the top. I’m not into this. I’m into lots of people coming together, taking risks, and putting it all on the line and seeing what can happen.

5. Awesome weather: I hate snow, It’s as simple as that. Here in southern Cali I get sun almost 90% of the time. This is the best! I can train, exercise, and do all the outdoor activities I want all year-long.

6. Opportunity: I’ve only been here in Cali for a week and I have several great opportunities. I am someone who enjoys living in a place where opportunities are endlessly flowing, and people are picking them up and running with them.

7. Capital and investment: Grand Rapids, MI tried to get together some capital to make ideas happen. The keyword here is tried. You can’t just expect the rich people to put up all the capital. This is the worst strategy I’ve ever heard of. Everyone has to pool not just their talents, but their capital if they want anything to scale. I’m going to be blunt here, I can’t even wipe my butt with 5k or even 20k for that matter. Here in California it’s not just the rich putting in their capital, it’s everyone taking risks, pooling their money and making things happen.

8. Active – Exercise: I love it! I’m a super active person and being out here makes you feel even better. Everyone is running, biking, swimming, surfing, and staying fit. Just being around it motivates me to be active and exercise even more.

9. Originality: I need originality in my life. I want to surround myself with people who are doing crazy things, taking risks, and living way outside the norm. You don’t get anywhere in life by being normal, you get places in life by being original.

10. Technology: I’m a techie and nerd at heart and there is no better place for this than California. The best of the best in Tech live and work right here in Cali, and I’ve been taught at an early age that if you want to be the best you better surround yourself with the best.

I’m very blessed, thankful, and excited to be living in California and doing the things I love. Yes I miss my family, friends and the people I love, but beyond that this is the place I need to be for a while. I hope my rationales above can answer some of your questions as to why my wife and I moved to California.



How about you? Have you ever moved to a new place? What were your rationales?

  • Dan

    Well said! Looking forward to more updates on your new adventure in life.

    • I will be posting them. Check out this new project we just launched…www.thefreelunchfriday.com ! Let me know what you think. Peace.

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  • Travelchick34

    Good Luck! Most of us are leaving the state. The only great thing we have is the weather! I will check back once I get to North Carolina:)

    • Keep it real! Let me know how it goes.

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