No more stupid, old, traditional networking where a bunch of lame and boring people stand around with suits and ties trying to push their 401 (k) plans, insurance, and uninteresting business on you? This is no more. That might have been normal and original at one time or another, but not anymore.

This is the new normal. This is FREE LUNCH FRIDAY and we are all about connections, conversation, and community. We believe in empowering people, companies, and communities to eat, share, collaborate, and make things happen that can change the world.

The last Friday of every month, at different locations and venues across the country, we bring link minded people together to eat free food, listen to great speakers, and make things happen.

We attract some of the best and brightest speakers from across the country (Probably because they like free food and beer!) to our events each month. Our speakers include: authors, artists, musicians, comedians, pastors, leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday people who are changing the game. If you are interested in speaking at a FREE LUNCH FRIDAY please contact us. We are always looking for great speakers.

If you are curious what the schedule is, we keep it super simple. No matter if you are in LA, New York, or GR you will find the exact same schedule. Our goal in building FREE LUNCH FRIDAY was to create an experience that was consistent and could be duplicated and spread around the world.

Each site/location is led by what we call a site leader. A site leader is someone who is driven, organized, and enjoys making things happen. If this is you, we would love to talk and see if it makes sense to work something out. At this time we are looking for site leaders for several locations. For a list of locations that we are looking for site leaders please click here. Also, please keep in mind, we are always on the outlook for great leaders.

Our vision isn’t small, in fact it’s big, and we believe that with your help we can change the world one free lunch at a time! It’s not going to be easy, and it’s definitely going to take some time, but together with all locations, venues, leaders, and people working hard, we CAN and Wil make this happen.

On Friday October 28, 2011 FREE LUNCH FRIDAY will kick off its first location in downtown LA! We are super excited and hope that you can join us in making this vision a reality! If you can’t make it, don’t worry we will catch you the next time around. If you are interested in being involved and helping out please contact us and we will get you plugged into the right spot that fits with what you are looking for.

Make it happen!



Will we be seeing you at a FREE LUNCH FRIDAY?