Do you ever wonder why so many people use social media? Doesn’t it just blow your mind when you think of the millions of people and businesses on these networks?

I wish I had all the answers for you, but I don’t. Sorry. However, what I do have is a thought-provoking idea on why so many people are using it.

Everyday that you jump up and out of bed you have a very serious emotional need that has to be filled. What is it? It’s called feeling approved of. People need to feel like what they are doing, what they look like, who they are hanging out with, who they are dating, or what they are blogging about is approved of by others. And if they don’t get this feeling of approval, it can push someone into a constant state of anxiety and discomfort.

I hate to say it, but outside of social media, more than inside, there are millions of people who are not feeling approved of. It’s very sad I know, but I am speaking the truth here. For more reasons than I have time to list, this emotional need of approval is not being filled outside of social media and in my opinion is one of the driving forces behind the millions and growing.

Whether it be on social media or not, when someone gets the courage to put themselves out there, they are; nervous, afraid, and hoping someone will approve of them.

I remember back about 3-4 years ago when I got the courage to sign up for Facebook and twitter. I sat down at my desk, pulled out my computer and got myself signed up. I was nervous, lost, curious and hoping that what I was doing was the right thing! Sure enough within minutes, I had friends, family, and others already giving me the thumbs up and approval – more than I can say about outside of the social world.

Social media will continue to grow at these crazy rates. Why? Because people love feeling accepted and welcome. It’s not everyday that you feel this outside of social media, but inside that digital world love is overflowing.

A simple “Thank you for the message” or a “hey great share!” happens daily and millions of times per day on these networks. There is no greater feeling than drawing people into your sphere of influence and having a little interaction with them.

In this broken and messed up world today, many people have self-esteem barriers or low self-esteem already. Thank God for social media, because at least on there they get help by people approving, encouraging, and letting them know that people not only approve of them, but “thumbs up” to their efforts. It is so great to see people letting each other know that they are on the right track, and to keep up the good work.

Social media is one great big animal that everyone is trying to figure out. Again, I don’t have all the answers, but what I can tell you is people love the feeling of approval they get online. And for all your marketing gurus out there, this is critical if you want to be be successful using social media.



Where are you getting the approval you need?