Have you already passed off your social media to the marketing department? If so, you have screwed yourself and the company and you better start rethinking things fast.

I don’t know what pisses me off more, companies not using social media at all, or companies who don’t deeply integrate social media into every area of the business.

Today, businesses are innovating at unheard of rates and you can either jump on the band wagon or get left in the dust. It is up to you.

Let’s look at someone who is doing it right and innovating like a leader, Southwest Airlines. Southwest isn’t a company who just passes off their social media to the marketing department, but instead they have taken the time to throughly integrate social media into all areas of the business.

Hell, they even set it up as a business goal where all employees are responsible for helping to achieve (not just the marketing team). And they have taken it so far that all media team employees have to complete customer service training, internal departments such as marketing, legal, and investor relations are expected to collaborate on a regular basis, and bigger than all that, all employees are encouraged and given the opportunity to create and contribute content. Now that is a company who understands social media as more than just a marketing strategy, but a business strategy.

Southwest is just one example of a company who is taking the lead and paving the way for successfully integrating social media into all facets of the biz.  There is still opportunity, but you better act fast and get on top of it.

I know this can all sound like one great big head ache and another thing to add to your plate, but it’s where the boat is headed and you need to be on that boat. If you decide not to jump on the boat, you can just expect to die out there in those lonely, dark, and rough waters.

If you want to win, you better start the conversations around transforming your company and integrating social media as more than just as marketing strategy, but a company wide business strategy that is embraced, believed in, and backed by everyone.

Whatever your beliefs, Social media is way beyond the craze stage – it’s here to stay…. forever. If I were you, I would listen up, embrace it, and stop trying to beat it away because it’s going to keep coming back for more. Your customers use it, your kids use it, and even your Grandma uses it. Face it, embrace it, and let it happen.

If you want to be apart of something and still have your business be around in 5-10 years, then you should join the conversation, it is happening right now.



What about you? Are you making social media a business strategy or just a marketing strategy?