If you haven’t checked it out you should. You can actually watch Dreamforce live online here.

Today at Dreamforce chairman and CEO Marc Benioff welcomed some 30,000 or more people to the Social Enterprise, which according to Alex Dayon is considered the business strategy for the next decade of computing that bridges the divide between today’s social customers and the companies that cater to them. Can we say awesome!

I feel like I say this over and over again, and I really don’t care what you believe, we are in a social revolution and if you are not on the boat you are going to drowned.  Just think, we are living in a time where governments have been overthrown thanks to companies like Facebook and twitter.

Five years ago we could not have believed it, however today Facebook and its 750 million users have literally changed the way we communicate and do things day to day. I’ve heard it said that Facebook is eating the web like a sweet chocolate morsel.

According to a recent study done by Nielsen Wire, 22 percent of time spent on the Internet is social while everything else is plummeting.

This whole social revolution thing has created a divide and most companies are still stuck in the old normal, while everyone else has moved on and they are living in the new normal. Companies customers are living social, while they sit and fiddle their thumbs like a bunch of morons going through data after data trying to find out what their customers want. Give it up wieners and get social, your customers are already sharing everything you need to know online. All you need to do is sign up and listen.

Sales Force says that, “The Social Enterprise is more than a catchphrase.  It’s an entire philosophy based on the premise that the world moving forward looks much more like Facebook than it does like Microsoft Outlook.”

Again, the whole social divide has created a barrier  between your company and how you interact with your customers. But thanks to Sales Force they can help your company bridge this divide and get you connecting and listening to your customers again with Social Enterprise. Jump on board it’s genius!

Customers are really no different than a significant other, they expect you to know what they like. And thankful to Facebook, twitter, linkedin and others you are able to capture that information and then provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

With these amazing tools we are now able to do things that we were never able to do; hotels can monitor their guests’ Twitter feeds to help them plan their stays, airlines can discover what their customers like to help during delays,  and B2B sales reps can plan their next meeting with prospective clients based on their interests.

If you want to live in the world today, you need to know who your customers are, what they like, and what their next move is.



What are your thoughts on the Social Enterprise?