Do your weeks ever just feel out of whack? Things keep popping up, people are asking to meet with you, and you feel like you can’t get anything done? Don’t feel bad if this is you, lots of people suffer from this. I like to call these weeks “dysfunctional weeks” – weeks where things aren’t operating as they should.

How should your weeks be operating? How about smooth, productive, and healthy? Think of it like a car, if your car is not operating as it should what do you do? You take the time to bring it into the shop to get fixed right? Now if your “week” is not operating as it should, shouldn’t you take the time to bring that into the shop to get fixed as well?

About 6 or 7 months ago, I sat down and decided that I would start to take the time each week to bring my “week” into the shop to get fixed up. I was sick of my weeks not operating as they should and I was ready for a change.

What was the change? Every Sunday at 8-pm I sit down at my desk for 3-4 hours of structured and disciplined time. I call this time “weekly action planning and review time”.

I start my time by pulling up my Google docs, clicking on my weekly action planning and review document that I created, and start going through it line by line and placing x marks next to each item that is completed. You can view the doc by clicking Here.

I look forward to this time and I believe that every person should take the same time each week – It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Here are six benefits I’ve found to structuring weekly action planning and review time: 

1. My wife: By sitting down to plan and structure my week, I am able to make my wife a priority and build time in for her each week – this includes date night. She is the most important person next to God so she needs to be put at the front.

2. Eliminates unnecessary stress: I don’t stress about my weeks, what I need to accomplish, or things popping up anymore, because everything is planned out and reviewed on Sunday. The only thing that can affect my schedule is: my wife, close friends, and family.

3. No more distractions: If you don’t have a plan to attack and follow, distractions will happen. However, because I have a structured and planned out week, I don’t allow distractions period.

4. More productive: Everything that I need to accomplish is outlined on Sundays and is completed by the following Sunday. I never have a problem getting things done because it is structured and evaluated on Sunday. And if something comes up during the week, it gets put inside my notes and scheduled on the following Sunday.

5. Better progress: I’ve found that by planning out my weeks and reviewing everything, I make better progress verses trying to cram things into one week because I got behind.

6. Keeps me focused: My friend calls me a focused warrior. One of the main reasons for this focused warrior title is my weekly action planning and review time.

I have no idea where you’re at with this idea of weekly action planning and review time. Maybe you think it’s stupid or maybe you’re like me and looking for something to help you out. I can say this, if you want to take control of your weeks and your life, I would say that you need to put together structured weekly action planning and review time. It’s made a tremendous impact on me and my family and I think it will do the same for you.



What about you? Are you taking control of your weeks or are your weeks taking control of you?