It’s time that you follow through with your stated intention with action. Make it happen. Shut your mouth, quit whining, and start doing.

Put together your action steps, layout a plan, gather the team, and start doing. See, what happens when you fail to act upon them, all you are doing is bringing yourself down and preventing others from acting. Stop this crap.

Make a decision and do it! See, you already know what to do, you just aren’t doing it. Knowing is not enough! You need to take action.

I have had it with people who want to be something, but are unwilling to take action and do what it takes. You know what I call these people? Sissies, wimps, pink rangers……….

It’s time that you hurry up and make a decision. You are taking way to long to do something and everyone around you has had it. Commit to it, follow through, and when you fail, get up, brush yourself off and go act on something else.

Here are a few examples of people who need to shit or get off the pot: 

  • You’ve been engaged for 6 years, don’t you think it’s time to make it happen?
  • You hate your job, yet you continue working there day in and day out.
  • You talk about being an entrepreneur, but you’ve never even started something.
  • You’re trying to build an entrepreneurial community, but then you do not invest in any ideas.
  • You’re trying to win without taking any risks.
  • You run the numbers and calculate everything to the point of not taking any action.

I have had it with people who talk a big game or want a big game, but then continue their routine of uninspired existence, never to make it happen.

You want to separate yourself from everyone else? Then take action and start doing.

Get pumped up about the possibility of failure, since it’s the springboard for success. You want to know what the only true failure is? Never trying or doing. And those who refuse to even try are just plain stupid.


Discussion Question? 

What are you going to do?