If you are going to go, why not go all out? This makes me think of people who say, “I will just run the 5k and that will be good for me. When really in their head they would love to work up to the 25k or the marathon. This is awesome!

Why not go after the marathon? Not that this is going to happen over night either, but you can do it! It can happen! It will take some pretty serious hard work and dedication, but why not? Why not go all out?

Life is worth way more than just GO, life is about GOING all out. And going all out is what it takes. You never see great athletes or record breakers just going, they are going all out. And most of the time they are going harder than they’ve ever gone before. You want to accomplish anything in your life, you better learn to go all out or don’t go at all.

Maybe you are sitting their thinking about this thing you want to accomplish in your life, maybe it’s been a dream of yours for a long time. It probably creeps up on you everyday saying, “make it happen, you can do it.” You get all motivated for a second and….then you quit.

The dream or the goal goes right back into the little storage compartment in your head and on the door it says, “Im scared”. What are you scared of? Not knowing what you need to do? Loosing control? Maybe accomplishing something you never knew that you could?

Stop not believing in you and get up off your ass and do something about it.

You need to go all out. If you want to accomplish anything of any value or worth, it is going to take you going all out.



What are you doing? Are you going all out?