Can we agree that there is just way to much shit out there in terms of content? You got everyone there brother and there dog creating content these days. Where is all the good stuff and how do we find it?

In my opinion it’s pretty ridiculous. You got people who have no experience other than a few writing classes trying to write about entrepreneurship, and then you got Joe Schmo writing about social media and trying to act like he’s some social media professional because he has all of his college buddies as friends on facebook. Are you kidding me?

All this spraying of content all over the place needs to stop. People need to start focusing on content strategy, it matters and we need people to understand how important it really is. And I’m not talking bullet lists or how to write for online readers either. I’m talking about having plans for the creation, publication, and governing of content that is useful, relevant, and awesome! And the other thing too, who is asking the bigger questions like, “What’s the real point?” and “Does anyone really care?” and “What is the promise to the readers?” In my mind more people need to be asking these questions if we are ever going to start creating good content.

We need more people talking reality content, and how time intensive and messy the whole process can be. Oh, and what about the oversight and care of content once it’s out there in the world? Who’s talking about that, and actually doing it for that matter. Instead, people just keep pumping it out there and clogging up the search engines.

You want the reality about content? It sucks. It takes forever to create good content, it’s often times complicated, and it can cause some pretty serious headaches. But like anything, if we want excellence then we have to put in the time and make it count – or it will continue to suck a big one.

Something I’ve always been told, is that it’s easy to forget what you really want, or better yet, to settle for less than you want, however when it comes to content strategy you need to be investing the time, energy, and resources so that you can see a nice ROI.

It’s when you commit to treating content as an asset worthy or strategic planning and meaning when you will start pumping out beautiful well constructed content that matters.

I will end it with this, please stop making content someone else’s problem and take the time do it yourself.



How about you, what are your thoughts on content strategy?