Is it not true that everyone wants to be acknowledged in this world? I mean, who doesn’t like being acknowledged? Even animals like feeling welcome around.

Think about this for a second. If you walked into a party and no one noticed, welcomed you, or even acknowledged your being, how would that make you feel? How about small, not wanted, and insecure? This is at least how I would feel.

For the last few years I’ve observed people on social media and found that the first thing most people want and need is to be acknowledged. If you don’t acknowledge people on social media (this is true in the real world too) don’t expect them to stay around very long and engage with you or your brand. I don’t care how busy you are or how awesome you think you are, you better step down off your pedestal and welcome them in.

People are not on social media because they want to hang out by themselves in a corner, they can do this anywhere, they are there because they simply want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The least you can do is say hello.

You will see over and over people stepping into social media and saying, “Hey I’m here! Check me out. Can I be a part of your group?” They’re raising their hand, waving it around, and smiling ear to ear. It’s then your turn to say, “Come on in, we are glad you are here.”

It wasn’t but a few months ago my G-ma signed up for Facebook and as soon as I saw her on there I acknoledged her and said, “Welcome Grandma, come on in and have fun. We are glad you are here.” This quick little message of acknowledgment made my G-ma feel very welcome and wanted. I can’t say this is the reason for her being active on social media, but I can say it was a big part of it.

The most important thing in social media in my opinion is that everyone gets acknowledged and welcomed in. When you do this people feel loved and motivated to hang around for a while and listen to what you or your company have to say.

Something else you need to do is make sure that you’re being real. Being “real” is one of the primary anchors of social media and if you think you can fake it you’re wrong. People will sniff you out and make you look stupid faster than you can click submit on a new tweet.

If you want to understand social media, build your brand, and do it right you need to start by letting people know that they are welcome and acknowledged. I promise, if you can get this right you will be off to a great start. Oh, and when you acknowledge people it builds trust and loyalty like you’ve never seen before.



Are you taking the time to acknowledge people and welcome them into your social media world?