How intelligent do you really think you are? I would go to bat saying that you are not nearly as smart as you think you are. I know I’m not as smart as I think I am sometimes! Now, where I am smart, is at leveraging a group of people who have come together after social collaboration and competition to make intelligent decisions.

If you are not making decisions this way today, you better start. With all the social tools, and new technology advances that we have at our finger tips we are able to make far more intelligent decisions than ever before.

For as long as we can look back, people made decisions after sitting down as departments, partners, maybe a board, or a leadership team going back and forth until they “thought” they had the best decision.

A new environment is emerging and it’s not just based on a small group of people making decisions that they think are “smart”. Instead, it is based on a large group of people coming together to make significantly smarter decisions. And if you’re a business and haven’t heard of this you better consider it and fast!

Here’s why all this is important: 

  1. Need for innovation: There is a serious need for constant innovation. 75% of CEOs said that collaboration was important to innovation and the top source for new ideas. I believe if you want to thrive in this new environment you must: Weave communities into the product development process and Execute innovative ideas quickly.
  2. Need to connect: if you haven’t noticed, work is becoming and is increasingly more complex – M&A, global companies, remote workers, offshoring, organizational changes is all leading to more interactions with unknown people. And the organizations that are experiencing these things, must quickly find ways to surpass traditional boundaries, connect with employees and help develop teams that can highly perform.
  3. Need for execution: We need to take the time to develop project based environments with more dispersed teams around the world. Also, we need simpler ways to structure work activities and share information.
  4. Need to empower and harness: We currently have old workforces starting to affect critical areas of the global working population and if we don’t find new ways to address this problem we will be screwed. This is why we need to harness knowledge capital and educate the new workforce pretty quickly.

Collective intelligence is changing the way we think, act, work, and do business. It is increasing transparency, access to information, and for once people can’t really hide anything. It’s time that you share, take advantage, and realize what collective intelligence can do for you.



Have you considered collective intelligence? And do you understand the positive implications of these initiatives?