Whatever your beliefs, after years of being a business man and surrounding myself with other successful business men and women, I’ve found there to be a number of common attributes that we share. Please take a few minutes to read through and see if you agree.

If you don’t have the skills, don’t worry about it either. Most of the skills, I’ve gotten by screwing up. Yup, screwing up. We all do it and it’s just the way it is. If you think you are any different you are wrong. Sorry.

What I say is that you, like anything keep on practicing until you get it. And make sure you keep a positive winning attitude, set goals, and get after it each day. It’s all about progress, dedication, and determination.

Oh, and before I get started there are those things that are non negotiable if you want to be successful. It’s kind of like, If you want to be awesome at sports you got to train and practice, if you want to retire on the hill with a big home you got to invest and be smart, and if you want to be a successful business man or woman, there are things that you just have to do.

Here are 23 common attributes that all successful entrepreneurs share: 

1. Give it up to God. 

If you don’t give the glory to God then you are giving it to yourself and that is just a formula for disaster. When you let it go to your head and you think your awesome, it will be at that point that everything falls apart.

2. We do what we love to do. 

People who succeed really love what they do. Don’t try to tell me any different. If you hate what you do everyday I can assume that it is reflected in your success and in your life.

3. Take it extremely serious with a dash of humor and fun. 

Don’t expect to be awesome and successful in anything unless you plan to take it seriously and believe in what you are doing more than anyone else in the world. And while you’re at it, make sure to add a little humor and fun in there too or you’ll burn yourself out.

4. Have an action plan, be organized, and execute it daily.

Businesses without a plan and who suck at being organized are pretty much planning to fail. Take the time to build an action plan into everything you do, stay organized, and make sure you execute and manage it daily.

5. Be a good steward of your moolah. 

If you’re horrible at being a good steward of money, then don’t plan on your business being around to long. I sucked at this early on and lost pretty much everything. Now I practice being a good steward daily and I’ve setup people in my life who hold me accountable.

6. Sell or go to hell. 

Every good business man knows that if he can’t sell then he better plan for his business to go to a fiery, burning hell. You could have the best products, marketing, advertising, and promotional plan in the world, but if you can’t sell then you are screwed.

7. It’s not about you, it’s about your customer you idiot. 

I think a lot of people forget this including me, but it’s really not about you, it’s about taking care of your customers so that they keeping buying your shit. As much as you think your business is about you or your product and services you are wrong, it’s about your people who buy your crap and pay your bills. Take care of them.

8. Promote like a champion. 

It’s a myth that eventually everyone will no about your business. Who came up with this anyways? You have to promote your businesses like a champion and keep driving it to the finish line. Self-promotion is the key to a successful business, and yet it is the most underutilized.

9. Be a positive business. 
Know one wants to do business with a negative business. What kind of show do you think your running? Positive businesses always win in the end. Be positive and get positive cash flow.

10. Get to know your customers. 
The companies who are doing the best have the best customer service and they place a high value on getting to know their customers. Everyone wants to be valued and if you don’t value them they will go somewhere else to be valued.

11. Technology, technology, technology. 

If you are not staying on top of tech, then someone else is and they are getting the one up on you because of it. It’s not that you have to get all caught up in it, you just better know what’s going on and be ready to adopt and leverage.

12. It’s all about the team. 
If you think you can build a successful scalable business alone then you are smoking something. Don’t be a moron, everyone knows that the ones who win are the ones with the best team.

13. Be an expert and make sure everyone knows it. 
When you think of a problem that you have what do you think? You think expert. It’s kind of like if you had something wrong with your eye where would you go? An eye doctor. You want to be the expert that everyone knows and goes to when they have a problem.

14. No competitive advantage. No business. 
Businesses that don’t have a competitive advantage don’t last long – maybe a year or two and after that, see ya. You have to have a clearly defined unique selling promotion. This answers the big why you and not someone else question.

15. You first not last.
If you don’t invest in you first then your business is not going to last. All successful entrepreneurs know this and they take the time to read, pray, exercise, study, take time off, and build and take care of themselves first.

16. Everyone needs to be able to get at you. 
You must make it easy for people to get at you. We are living in a time where if people can’t get a hold of you, then they will go somewhere else. Be accessible and ready for anything.

17. It’s your Rep. 
Build a good reputation and try your best to make things right. Yes you are going to screw up and people are going to hate you at times, but just do your best to make it right and keep on building that strong rep. It is supper valuable to do so.

18. Do you have benefits? 
Take the time to develop your benefits and then make sure that your sales team is pushing them. This is what the best of the best are doing better than anyone else. Look at apple. Great benefits and everyone knows it.

19. Be involved in as much as you can.
Be a community leader, get involved, serve, be present, and do what you can to make your community and the world a better place to be. Support the people who support you each day.

20. Be a master negotiator. 

Being a master negotiator takes time, but once you get it down it is one of the most valuable skills you could ever have.

21. Make your space cool. 
Taking the time to plan and design your workspace can yield huge benefits. It can increase performance and productivity and make the environment that much more professional for clients and employees.

22. Don’t try and wear every hat. 

I know it’s hard to not be in control of everything, but if you don’t stop you are never going to get anywhere. Take your hands off and start focusing on what you are good at and delegate the rest to others.

23. Communication, communication, communication. 

I don’t think I can say this enough. Communication is so vital to your business and if you suck at it, you better figure something out quick if you want to make anything out of yourself or your business.

These attributes are what I’ve found that all successful entrepreneurs share. I am sure you have a few you would like to throw into the mix as well. Please share your comments below.



Do you posses the following characteristics? Did I miss some that you think I should add? You can add your comments below.

  • This is an awesome list! Great read and great to resharpen the mental/emotional game!