This post is dedicated to Josh Lichtle; a friend, a brother, and one of the greatest motocross riders to ever walk this planet. Josh, I want you to know one thing, your legend will live on forever. You made an impact on so many lives in the short time you were here, and for that, we are all so very thankful. Peace be with you our brother. GODSPEED 811.

There once lived a man named Josh Litchtle #811 GODSPEED. You could notice him by his big, white, beautiful smile that could have stretched all the way around the world. You could also notice him by his love, compassion, and huge one footers!  Yup, you got it, the largest one footers on the planet. If you don’t believe me ask around, it’s a legacy!

Josh Litchtle wasn’t your average man or human being. Josh was a man on a mission. Not just any mission either, a mission to live his life to the fullest. And there wasn’t anyone or anything that was going to stop him from doing just that.

Josh was a friend, brother, and fellow crazy man. Stories of huge one footers, mohawks, mullets, and chewing on tear off’s to intimidate other riders will forever be remembered. And there are a thousand other stories just like this, that will continue to be shared and remembered.

I simply can’t remember a time when I wasn’t hysterically laughing while spending time with Josh. One story sticks out the most. A few years ago, I was training Josh and he was living with me. A few days in, I asked him about this mysterious jar he was carrying around filled with money. He told me that it was kind of like his bank and when he would get money he would put it in there.

I thought this is very interesting and…..awesome! That night after telling me what it was, my wife and I decided we would take him out to dinner. I can’t remember where we went, but it was somewhere nice. Just after eating Josh pulled out his mysterious jar of money and started dumping it out onto the table. At that moment I knew, this kid is amazing and he is living his life to the fullest doing something he loves with not a worry in the world.

Josh was not the kid walking around the track bragging, or with his nose in the air. Josh was the humble, smiling kid, that would stop in the street and give the loneliest person a great big hug and kiss and tell them that everything was going to be ok. Thank you Josh for being an example of how one should live our lives. God gave you a life, and you didn’t waste it for a second.

About 3-4 years ago Josh, his brother, and I made a trip down to one of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes motocross camps (FCAMX). We had the time of our lives teaching, sharing, and experiencing Jesus with hundreds of other kids and athletes. It was one of the best times of my life!

Just before we left, Steve Hudson, whom allot of you know, was giving a last service to close out the week. As he was up there preaching his heart out he asked people to accept Christ and get baptized. It wasn’t seconds later, Josh jumped up and accepted Christ and got baptized by Steve Hudson. It was amazing and we were crying and laughing.

Right after being baptized Josh, Bill (His Brother), and I jumped in the van and headed home. On the way home we played this song, did super mans, and wore our googles with tear offs while driving. Please take a minute to listen the song and imagine 3 dudes in a van, wearing googles with tear offs, and doing super mans out the door!

That day changed my life, Joshes life, and thousands of other kids who looked up to Josh as one of the greatest motocross riders to ever walk this planet.

Josh, you will be missed and I can promise you one thing, your legend will live on forever. I love you brother and I know you are in a better place right now looking down smiling on us as we prepared to someday meet again.

Peace be with you my brother from another mother (Bicker: Inside Joke).


The lichtle family is setting up a foundation and injury prevention rig that will be at the amateur nationals to educate on nutritional health, hydration, track safety, and mentoring kids that are trying to make it in the pros. For more information please check out the website here.


What amazing stories do you have to share about Josh Lichtle? Please add your stories and comments below.


  • Bradley

    Great story Danny and I have the three of you guys pictured driving the van with the goggles on !! 

    I shared my story of Josh this week at the visitation and it also included his accepting of Christ back in 2005 during our very first conversation on the phone. It was my opening question with Josh that I asked him “do you believe in God”? his pause and response was simply this ” I think so because he is always with me when I am on my motorcycle. I responded “that’s a great answer” then I shared the Gospel with him and told him my requirements to be the ambassador for our team and he said “well I guess this is my destiny” and he accepted Christ right there at that moment as His Lord. It brought a tear to my ears as I remember then I told him I look forward to our first meeting face to face and he flew out to Phoenix and our journey began. 

    I told the 700+ friends and family and fans on Wednesday’s visitation as Josh’s body laid in a open casket behind me that he knew from that day forward where he was going. I also told them we only won a few moto’s in our time together and had some challenging times but Josh was the greatest Champion on and off the track I have ever been associated with and yes his one footers and other feats were amazing .. I hired a young highly decorated Amateur Champion with (27) National event wins and when I was finished I gained another son .. During our time together it would be Steve Hudson it seemed like weekly coming over and encouraging our team and our efforts so it is only fitting that he would be present for this public outward expression of accepting Christ. 

    Josh’s memory will live on and I look forward to see how many more lives he and ALL of the Lichtle’s will continue to touch .. They all have a special place in our families hearts .. 

    Godspeed Josh .. Love you son …