Are you having trouble capturing tasks, getting organized, collaborating, and ultimately getting stuff done? Why are you having these problems? Is it you or have you just not found the right tool yet?

About 9 months ago I was having these problems and I couldn’t figure it out. I was pissed off, I had five or six tools all doing different things, and I had notes and papers all over my office causing it to look like a train wreck. I was a total mess and I was not ok with it.

Being that I wasn’t ok with all of this, I went on journey determined to find something that could be my personal saviour (Next to Jesus and my wife). I spent days searching, trying new tools, and coming up with nothing. I was tired of it; my fingers were sore, my head was ready to explode, and my vision was so blurry I could not have found anything anyway. I was fed up and ready to go back to the trusty old note pad.

Just then, I sat back, closed my eyes for about fifteen minutes and woke up feeling inspired again. They say those 15 minute naps can do miracles and I needed a miracle. After the nap, I decided I would stay the course and spend another hour or so searching the web.

I bounced from one site to another like a focused warrior fighting for his life, when all of a sudden something caught my eye. It said Action Method. Action Method I thought, I’m all about action. I love action movies, action sports, action packed, what could this be?

I clicked on the link and went to the site. While at the site, I scrolled, clicked, and dug deep to figure out what this whole Action Method thing was all about. It was interesting to me and I was ready to take it for a test drive.

In the upped right hand corner of the site was the sign up button. I clicked the button, filled out all my information, and got into the online version (They have several different products) . It was beautiful! The interface was clean and simple. The method made complete sense to me. I had found it. My organizational, task capturing saviour of the world!

I am telling you, if you are having any problems staying organized, capturing tasks, or collaborating, than the Action Method created by Scott Belsky and his team over at Behance is just what you’ve been searching for. If you want to learn more about it you can click here.

I use it for everything. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not in their working my magic.

In brief, Action Method is an all around intuitive task management system for people and teams. They also have a mobile app, iPad app, and physical paper that can all be used as part of the Action Method.

Action Method online can do all the following:

  • Capture and manage Action Steps (tasks to be completed)
  • Delegate Action Steps to anyone, and track their progress
  • Manage and coordinate deadlines
  • Organize projects
  • Add references: notes, maps, charts, docs, etc.
  • Have discussions
  • Place things inside the backburner tab.
  • And lots more.

Action Method also has a mobile app that allows you to manage and delegate tasks while on the go. This is one of my favorite things about the Action Method.

Here are a few things you can do from the mobile app: 

  • You can capture and manage Action Steps with or without reception, and sync when you’re back in range
  • Delegate Action Steps to anyone, and track their progress
  • Use alone or in conjunction with Action Method Online for even more functionality and team tools

If you’re an iPad kind of person they even have an app for you. And finally they have Action Method paper. Paper? I know. Action Method is so awesome that they even have their own paper.

I have no idea where you’re at with your tools and what you use to stay organized, however if you are at all frustrated and looking for something new that can change your life, I strongly urge you to try out the Action Method.


Discussion Question: 

How about you? What are you using to stay organized, capture tasks, and get stuff done? You can comment below.

  • Awesome review. I’m using it too with great results. What gives Action Method Online much more clout vs. GTD-variant apps  is that it’s based on extensive research on the productivity habits of well-known entrepreneurs and companies. I have Scott Belsky’s book Making Ideas Happen which also discusses the method as well as other good advice on executing projects. Good stuff.

    • I love everything Scott and his team put out! Thanks for commenting. I read “Making Ideas Happen” as well. Are you done with the book yet?

      DANNY BECKETT JR. | | 616.366.6037

      • Yep! Sure did. I keep it as a reference in case I need it again.