People love meetings! Not me. I hate meetings these days unless they are meetings that have gone right. Yup, you got it, meetings gone right.

I think some people have become addicted to having meetings, and if they don’t get their meeting fix, they start going insane.

Can you think of someone like this? Heck, they might even be calling you to another meeting just as you are reading this. I think this is crazy and ridiculous. Keep in mind, I say this because I just might have been there at one point in my life too!

Right now, people all over the world are wasting time and money sitting in meetings. What else could they be doing? How about being productive and getting things done. This can’t happen sitting in meetings.

Here’s an idea to increase productivity. I say send your people home, have them take a nap, and come back refreshed and ready to get more done. What do you think about this? I would bet that productivity rates would sky rocket.

Instead, you stick your people in another meeting to sit there and listen to you talk and talk and talk. Maybe your just excited to hear yourself talk. There are allot of people like this, including me sometimes, but I am at least aware and working on it.

Now think back to the last meeting you had: how long did it go, how many people were in the meeting, did anything get accomplished, and can you honesty say that you could not have gotten by without it? Lots of questions.

I tend to agree with researchers when they say that 97 percent of all meetings are completely worthless and they suck the life out of people. If you are sucking the life out of your people because of meetings, please stop.

Instead of having another meeting to hear yourself talk or just to have another meeting, how about having a meeting gone right where you actually get things done and people feel good about it?

I’ve been experimenting with an idea for the last 12 months, it’s called action in and action out. It takes some time, so don’t think it’s going to happen overnight.

Here’s how it works:


Sit down at your desk, and ask yourself, do I have specific action in items going into this meeting. Action in items are specific items that you need to go over in a meeting. This could be a all sorts of things such as: projects, clients, budgets, or financials. If you can’t come up with specific action in items before setting up the meeting – there is no need for the meeting.

If after sitting down and processing the meeting and what you need to do, and you are able to come up with specific action in items, then it’s probably necessary to have the meeting. Taking the time to complete this simple exercise will help to have more meetings gone right.


The whole goal of the actual meeting should be:

1. To review or go over all your action in items that you prepared and processed before the meeting.

2. During the meeting everyone should be capturing action out items, which are specific items that are tasked to each individual.

Its time for the meeting and nobody should be getting side tracked about this, that, or the other thing. You and the meeting attendees should be either reviewing or capturing. Meaning, everyone in the meeting should either be reviewing action in items or capturing action out items. If you’re not doing one of these things, then you’re having another 97 percentile meeting which is not a good thing.

The last thing that needs to take place for a great action in and action out meeting is to go around the table and review everyone’s action out items. These are the things that everyone captured during the meeting that they need to complete individually or as a team. By taking a few minutes to complete this, everyone in the meeting knows what everyone needs to do and can hold each other accountable. This can take the pressure of you and put it on the team as a whole.

After 12 months of experimenting with this idea, I’ve found it to be a very powerful and my meetings are going right. I don’t know what type of meetings you have, but if you are having problems having meetings going right, I would encourage you to try this idea of action in and action out meetings and let me know how it works for you.


Discussion Question: What other ideas do you have for having meetings gone right?